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Best Dog Toys for 2022

best dog toys

Dog toys are an important part of a dog’s life in this latest blog we reveal the best dog toys for 2022. They help with learning social skills, beating boredom and simply enjoying some outstanding doggy fun! At Postman Pooch, we have the best ever range of imaginative dog toys. From soft and cuddly plush dog toys to extra tough dog toys. Postman Pooch has them all! Our supplies come from great brands who are famous for making reliable, safe dog toys. Snuggle up with your canine buddy today and browse through our fabulous selection, but first…

Why Dog Toys are Important

Dogs who are not provided with dog toys usually suffer increased levels of stress. They quickly become highly disobedient and fretful, mainly through sheer boredom. Sadly, they can even become aggressive towards their owners and other people. Basically, dogs without toys are an unhappy bunch who lead miserable lives.

Dogs who have a varied collection of dog toys are usually well behaved, sociable and ready to follow your instructions. Our canine chums have active, intelligent brains that need constant stimulation during their waking hours. Providing different types of dog toys stirs their imaginations, even when you can’t be at home. As sociable creatures, dogs love to interact and play with their human dog parents. That’s why doggy toys are an important part of sharing incredible playtime fun.

Plush Dog Toys

Choosing a few soft, plush dog toys is crucial to the well-being of your dog. According to canine experts, stuffed toys fulfil several roles from hunting to playing with siblings. Soft plush dog toys often represent prey for your dog to play hide-and-seek with. When he has tracked them down, he can proudly carry them around.

Our Chubleez plush dog toy is a perfect choice. It has a long, cylindrical shape that makes it easy for doggies of all ages to grip in their teeth. It has lovely floppy ears at one end, but its limbs are short so they won’t get in the way. You’ll easily be able to hide it under chairs or behind cushions.

Plush Toys for Puppies

Puppies in particular love to cuddle up to plush dog toys. The warmth and softness of the fabric is just asking to be snuggled against. Plush dog toys are essential companions for pups who may be feeling lonely without their siblings. Plush stuffed dog toys are thought to represent a puppy’s former playmates and can quickly become beloved friends. When adopting your new canine friend, it’s important to have at least one plush toy waiting for him.

Strangely, these toys don’t have to look like dogs to provide valuable comfort and companionship. It seems the brighter and more unusual they are the better. Our Comfort Kiddos by Kong are a great choice. They come in lovely animal shapes such as cute pink pigs, beautiful brown bears, and jumbos with trunks and large ears. Our range of comforters have chunky arms and legs that your pup or dog can grip, or snuggle into when tired. You can even remove the squeaker, ensuring your dog enjoys restful sleep.

Plush Dog Toys for Small Dogs and Puppies

Young puppies or dainty dogs with small bites may struggle with chunky plush dog toys, but not to worry. We’ve thought of everything at Postman Pooch! We have chosen some beautiful plush dog toys especially for the little doggie that’s come into your life. The Small Bite Blue Lamb from Ancol is one of our favourites. It has a cute face with a top-knot of soft woolly curls and lovely floppy ears. It’s perfectly proportioned for little dogs.

An alternative plush dog toy for small dogs to enjoy is the plush Rabbit from Good Boy. It’s a great toy at any time and not just Easter! It has outstretched arms that are ready for a doggy hug and beautiful floppy ears trimmed with the softest fleece. Rub your hand over plush toys, and your scent should linger on them, providing your canine companion with reassurance that you’re still nearby.

Action-Packed Plush Toys

When you want a plush dog toy that’s designed for plenty of fun and games, try the Postman Pooch crinkly dog toy collection. It includes animals such as crocodiles, elephants, lions and chimps. They have extra long limbs that flail about when thrown. They even look realistically alive when flying through mid-air. These plush dog toys with squeakers provide your excitable pooch with what looks like prey. When he catches one of them, the dog toy can join in the fun as soon as the hidden squeaker is pressed.

A Sock Monkey dog toy is a great all-rounder. It has a soft, cuddly body and a pom-pom muzzle. It also has long arms, legs and tail that make it easy for any small or large dog to pick up. An internal squeaker adds to the fun. Soft, plush Sock Monkeys come in a range of colourful patterns and stripes that make them attractive dog gifts.

Indoor and Outdoor Plush Toys

Choose a plush toy for dogs such as the Safari Squeaker Leopard. It has a camouflage exterior that’s perfect for when it’s hiding amongst plants in the garden during outdoor games of hide-and-seek. ZigWigs from Kong are an ideal choice when you and your pooch want indoor fun. Inspired by elephants and wild boar, these compact cuddly toys for dogs are equipped with low volume squeakers to increase your dog’s curiosity.

Tough Plush Dog Toys

Every large dog that’s well-cared for is a real softy at heart. He likes nothing better that settling down with a plush toy, after it has been chased and hunted in a boisterous game! Rough and tumble fun can quickly wear out regular plush toys. It’s why we have included dog toys from Kong. These durable toys are made so well, they provide hours of reliable fun.

The Kong Dodo should still be alive and well even after multiple playtimes. It has been designed with a reinforced centre for durability. The inside of the toy also has a double squeaker. Although the exterior of the Dodo’s brightly coloured plumage is soft, the toy is packed with only a small amount of stuffing to help maintain its robust character.

The Weave Knot Pig from Kong is an amazing dog toy. It combines a soft plush head and limbs with a tough body of interlaced cotton rope. Although it’s soft to the touch, the knotted cotton has great resilience when gripped. You can use this pink and blue Kong dog toy as a secret weapon in your pooch’s dental hygiene routine. The cotton fibres sneakily polish your dog’s teeth whenever he chews them.

Waterproof Animal Dog Toys

At Postman Pooch, we have a soft spot for the Kong Shieldz collection. A great favourite is the colourful Shieldz Hippo. This chunky, soft dog toy has a special coating that increases its resilience during enthusiastic play and damp conditions. It’s the type of dog toy your pooch can take out for a ramble, especially in damp weather. The robust dog toy can actually float on puddles or streams, and can be easily wiped clean with a cloth.

Although a latex chicken dog toy is something of a cliche, which dog doesn’t secretly hope to own one? Make your dog’s day with this crazy chick. It has a textured surface that’s ideal for chewing. And of course, the latex rubber means the chicken bounces erratically, adding unpredictable fun to your doggy’s playtime chases.

Chewable Dog Toys

Dogs love chewing, and for puppies it’s an essential part of helping them through teething. Providing them with tough, chewable dog toys is perfect for distracting them from cushions or your favourite slippers. Try a Gum Gum Bar in brilliant neon colours of pink, green and yellow. The textured latex won’t hurt delicate doggy gums, but it’s tough enough to withstand extensive chewing. The simple shape makes it a much better choice than a dangerous stick when throwing and playing fetch.

The Gnosher dog toy is an amazing plaything for encouraging shy dogs who seem keen to avoid regular toys. Inspired by a traditional dog bone shape, the Gnosher comes infused with flavours such as chocolate and bacon. The compact rubber makes the toys super tough, yet kind to doggy gums and mouths.

Chewable Dog Toys with Dog Treats

Give your pup or adult dog a chewable dog toy that hands out treats, and he’ll definitely be your friend for life. These dog toys might bribe your dog with treats, but they certainly arouse curiosity, encouraging your dog to play. They are ideal boredom breakers when your pooch has to be left to amuse himself. The Classic Dog Toy for puppies and adult dogs is shaped like three different sized balls in a stack. At the base is an opening where you can hide treats. Tough dogs, who don’t realise just how strong they are, might appreciate the Extreme version that’s incredibly durable.

At Postman Pooch, we have a great selection of imaginative treat dispensing dog toys. Look out for Puppy Tyres from Kong. Whether you choose girlie pink or boyish blue, both colourways have a special inner rim where you can stash a generous supply of dog treats.

Dogs with the highest IQ are sure to adore the Kong Gyro. It features a fixed, chewable ring with a globe fitted in its centre. This rotates within the outer ring and dispenses treats as it turns. It’s an ideal dog toy for inquisitive dogs who love a stimulating challenge.

Perhaps the ultimate dog treat toy is the Kong Ballistic. Made from resilient nylon and canvas that simply wipes clean, it’s shaped like a ball. However, when your pooch pulls open one or more of the three decorative side panels, the soft, pliable ball unfolds to reveal a secret stash of treats. You can hide them in the central pocket or those on each of the panels. It’s an ideal toy for giving your dog stimulating activity as he has to work out how to prise the ball open.

Traditional Dog Toys

Sometimes, there’s nothing nicer than a traditional dog toy such as a ball. You and your four-legged friend can have hours of carefree fun chasing after it. At Postman Pooch, we have an incredible range for you to choose from. If your dog is a compulsive chewer, try the hollow Tuffs ball designed by Dog Life. It’s made of TPR rubber that’s completely non-toxic and doesn’t contain harmful substances. The ball is usually available as a set. Good Boy has a pack of six balls decorated with cheeky faces. The textured Corestrength ball from Kong could be the toughest dog ball ever.

Twist-Tee rope tuggers with a choice of two or three knots are perfect for sharing interactive fun with your dog. At the same time, the cotton helps keep your dog’s teeth clean. For a simple game of fetch, try Kong’s Fetch Stick. It has a rope attached, so it can also become a tug-of-war toy.


Entertaining dog toys help create a stimulating environment for your canine friend. Choose a varied selection and rotate them every now and then to help keep them interesting. Help your dog understand how wonderful his new dog toys are by playing with him when introducing them. Dog toys should never be a substitute for interactive fun with a dog parent.

Toys for dogs are meant to enhance the playtime you and your dog already share. They help prevent boredom and provide companionship whenever your dog is alone. Inspect dog toys regularly and remove any that appear damaged. Then choose new, exciting dog toys from our latest Postman Pooch collection.