Twist-Tee 3 Knot Rope Tugger


Allow your dog to endure hours of fun and strengthen grip strength with this new tug toy, coming in a variety of colours, the twist-tee 3 knot tugger is soft also but strong and durable. It’s design allows for owners to play with their dogs by pulling on the other end of the toy.

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Twist-tee 3 knot tugger is a tugger toy for your pooch made for tug of war and other tugging games due to it being extremely strong and durable!


The Happy Pet Twist-Tee 3 Knot Tugger is durable and made from recycled materials wound into a multi-coloured rope. This toy made from a durable material that will last after being chewed and pulled.

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This is a soft rope style and kinder to teeth as it is made from fibres wound together. Did we mention this toy is completely washable?!