Dog Birthday Presents – The best dog gifts for 2019
It sure isn’t a myth that our furry friends love playing with different types of dog toys and enjoy a variety of different dog treats. That’s why here at Postman Pooch we’ve handcrafted a list of the best dog Birthday presents! This includes Birthday gift boxes along with the greatest toys and tastiest treats! Your dog
7 friendliest dog breeds
We are all familiar with the line “fighting like cats and dogs” – a line that cemented the impression that two of the most popular pets in the world were fated to become mortal enemies. If you believe that, well, you’re wrong. Oh yes, there is a numerous of dog breeds that would readily pounce
With Christmas having just passed us by, we now look to the New Year. New Years Eve, a night where the country comes alive with celebration, parties & fireworks. I bet many of you see the New Year as an opportunity to make some changes to your lifestyle – try a new diet, take up

Home Hunting: A Guide for Dog Owners

The days when pet-loving homeowners had to hide their beloved furry babies are over. Research shows that 40% of U.K. homes now have pets, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. This means pet owners have newfound clout in deciding where they want to live. Despite this increase in potential living options, taking the time

What to Ask When Buying a Puppy

7 friendliest dog breeds
Here at Postman Pooch, we know that choosing the right puppy for your household can be a bit of a challenge if you’re about to become a first-time dog owner. It can be even trickier if you’re thinking of getting a pedigree and paying quite a price for your new canine companion. We’ve put together
Puppies are the UK’s number 1 favourite pet, they’re cute, cuddly, lovable but at times they can be a real pain in the backside! The key to keeping you and your puppy both sane is training, training from day one of having your puppy will always ensure he/she knows exactly who’s boss. We’ve put together
There’s nothing worse than arriving home after a hard days work and finding your designer mahogany has been chewed to bits by your little companion. Chomping on anything and everything can be the most annoying behaviour from your dog or a young pup, in this article we’re going go over what you need to make