Wild Animal Crinkly Dog Toy


Drive your dog wild with a Wild Animal Crinkly Dog Toy! The unique crinkly sound and squeakers pair up for an unrivalled sensation!


The Wild Animal Crinkle Dog Toys are a unique line of toys! The plush has been replaced with a crinkly material that lets off a special noise when played with. This jumbo (approx 23 inches long) unstuffed toy comes in 3 variations to satisfy your dog. Ellie the Elephant, Connor the Crocodile or Leo the Lion! This toy is not indestructible.

Appears in: Soft Toy Dog Birthday Box.

Furry Facts

Each toy comes with a jumbo-length body that crinkles when played and squeaks when squeezed. But despite the crinkle sensation, the Wild Animal Crinkly Dog Toy can be used as a cuddle buddy at bedtime!