Dog Birthday Boxes

Dog Birthdays are big days in the calendar, after the affection they give you all year it’s time to give some back! Our dog birthday boxes are personalised gifts and packed full of dog treats. All dog birthday hampers come with a hand written card and dog birthday cake but the essential and luxury boxes let you choose between dog beer, doggie popcorn and even the ultimate present, Crispaw dog champagne!

Happy Pupstomers

The Dog Birthday Box Story

As with all the amazing birthday boxes on Postman Pooch our team of dogs and directors scour the lands looking for only the best brands and yummiest tastiest treats. Our birthday boxes feature some of the best big and little brands that we could find. Our favourite birthday gifts include bottom sniffer dog beer from Woof & Brew, Crispaw champagne from Silly Squeekers, dog popcorn from Billy & Margot and of course the all important dog birthday cake from Barking Bakery!

But what else sets our products aside we hear you yelp!? What, apart from what we’ve just said! Well it’s the attention to detail, the personalised card which is hand written and the presentation of a box that is packed with love that really makes us stand tall above all others! Make this year one to remember with a Postman Pooch box delivered for free to your door, packed full of birthday presents for your dog.

Brands we work with

Woof and Brew
Billy and Margot
Silly Squeakers
Barking Bakery