7 friendliest dog breeds
We are all familiar with the line “fighting like cats and dogs” – a line that cemented the impression that two of the most popular pets in the world were fated to become mortal enemies. If you believe that, well, you’re wrong. Oh yes, there is a numerous of dog breeds that would readily pounce
Dog Training
Why bother training your dog? Whether you’ve just got a dog or you’ve had one for a while, I’m sure as a dog owner, whichever situation you may be in, you know that if your dog isn’t trained it can be a real problem. Besides the obvious issues such as misbehaviour and disobedience, training your
Adding a pet to your home is a great way to give your space a little life and a lot of love. More and more American adults are adopting cats and dogs these days. In fact, 44 per cent of millennials — a generation now grown into young adults — see their pets as “starter
It seems like everyone today has a pet in their lives. But what if you’ve never had one? Perhaps you’d like to bring home a dog, cat or hamster? Where do you begin? There are some ideas you should consider before you make a decision. Pets bring us an unlimited amount of joy. They make

Home Hunting: A Guide for Dog Owners

The days when pet-loving homeowners had to hide their beloved furry babies are over. Research shows that 40% of U.K. homes now have pets, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. This means pet owners have newfound clout in deciding where they want to live. Despite this increase in potential living options, taking the time
This week we shared a video from BBC Panorama’s Facebook page, which showed the shocking truth behind a puppy farm situated in Ireland. Recently BBC Panorama went undercover and investigated the dark world of dog trading. They secretly filmed the conditions inside large puppy farms that legally breed dogs for the UK market. The findings that
Choosing the right breed of dog for you is difficult and requires some level of self-insight and reflection. Because choosing an inappropriate dog for your lifestyle is not only a struggle for you, it is also extremely unfair on the dog. A dog that requires plenty of exercise, for example, will not be happy sat

Are You Ready For a Dog?

The big question on everyone’s mind when getting their first dog, am I ready for a dog? This article should help you on your road to whether you’re ready for your first canine companion. Answer each question below honestly with either a or b. 1. Are you financially prepared for the additional expenses that a
Here at Postman Pooch, we recommend the Miniature Schnauzer. The adorable Miniature Schnauzer is a dog breed that has it all; from acute intelligence to charmingly good looks and superb personality traits. Plus, above all else, the dog has one awesome moustache! Come on, look at it! These things look cooler than The Hoff in

What to Ask When Buying a Puppy

7 friendliest dog breeds
Here at Postman Pooch, we know that choosing the right puppy for your household can be a bit of a challenge if you’re about to become a first-time dog owner. It can be even trickier if you’re thinking of getting a pedigree and paying quite a price for your new canine companion. We’ve put together