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Why Subscription Boxes are Great for your dog

You may have already heard of monthly a Subscription Box for various things. There are lots of different types of Subscription Boxes out there for you, but what about your dog? That’s right, your dog could also benefit from a monthly box of new toys and treats to keep their eyes bright and tails wagging.

What is a Dog Subscription Box?

So what is a dog subscription box you might ask. Well, here at Postman Pooch we send out monthly boxes packed with the best toys and treats your dog will go nuts over. A subscription box is a recurring delivery of niche products. The boxes come at the start of every single month as long as you are still enrolled in our subscription. We have a few different options of boxes to pick from as every dog is different. Making sure we cater for every type of pooch, from soft and cuddly to rough and tumble. We offer 3, 5, 7 and 10 item treats and toy boxes for dogs that like to cuddle, fetch and shake.

For an example, in the 5 item treats and toys box, your pooch would receive 2 premium dog toys and three delicious luxury bags of dog treats, every month! Not to mention any extra items that may be thrown in in the subscription. If your dog likes to destroy their nice new toys, we also offer a tough subscription box! This comes with extra tough items that are good for chewing and biting. Not to mention our specialized puppy box suitable for puppies 8 weeks and older.

Why should I buy a Dog Subscription Box?

Getting new dog toys each month is a good way to keep your dog simulated and happy. The mental and physical simulation provided by these exciting new toys will keep your dog focused. It will tire them out faster than a 30 minute walk. Dogs can get a little bored when they have nothing to do. Introducing a new toy every once in a while is a great way to keep spirits up and keep them happy!

Puzzle toys work great for dogs that need something to occupy their minds. Puzzle toys are fun, engaging and challenging. This will keep your pooch intrigued for a while. However, no one wants to do the same puzzle over and over again, so its a good idea to introduce new elements or an entirely new puzzle toy once in a while.

Being with your dog 24/7 is not always an option. As dogs are pack animals they don’t like to be left alone too often. New toys allows them to take their mind off being by themselves and shows them that they can have fun even when nobody is around to play with. Your pooch might even have a toy they prefer to tackle on their own anytime, meaning you can get more well needed space when you’re doing your work or looking after the kids.

Dog Subscription Puzzle Toy

A new toy can make a dogs day extra exciting!
Enrichment toys can enhance your pup’s ability to learn, helping them develop new skills. It also promotes their natural behaviour such as foraging, exploring and playing. Some toys come with features such as a squeaker, a rope or even some crackle parts. Each one of these is built to simulate your dog and keep their mind active.

Dog toys can also help prevent dogs from inappropriate chewing. Chewing of cushions, furniture, slippers or other house hold items they get their paws on. If you’re dogs are consistently chewing cushions, furniture or anything else you don’t want them to, toys can distract them from destroying your house while still encouraging them to satisfy their chewing needs.

Not only do new toys present excitement, they also help prevent danger. Toys are not made to last forever and old toys pose the risk of weakening, breaking or crumbling. There are lots of shapes and sizes of chew toys for all kinds of dogs, but even the most durable can’t last forever. Toys can become broken after a longtime use and made need throwing away before they become a choking hazard. Having a healthy circulation of monthly new toys helps you avoid the dangers of old and over used ones.

Dog Subscription Toy

Don’t forget the cute factor! You can unpack your subscription box with your dog and watch the excitement wash over them as they realise this huge box of goodies is all for them! Packed with treats, toys and accessories to spoil your pooch absolutely rotten.

In our Subscription boxes we do things a little different from other brands. The first box your order will be shipped to you as soon as the order hits our screen! Your box will include an extra item for a first time subscriber, a hand made bow tie, blue or pink. We also have loyalty items that go out in boxes every few months, like an extra bag of treats or an extra toy! Not to mention our themed Subscription Boxes.

Dog Christmas Subscription

We have four themed boxes spread out throughout the year. Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. In each box you will get a wide range of themed goodies to suit your furry friend! In our last Christmas and Halloween boxes contained a hand made, bow tie made with themed fabric, and a toy that relates to the holiday. For example, Our Halloween bow ties and cat spinner make perfect additions to the October Dog Subscription box for Spooky season.

If that’s not got you, how about our glorious Christmas themed boxes? Complete with succulent pigs in blankets, Christmas Tree biscuits and Santa Clause toy. Ho Ho Ho-w exciting!