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Dog Birthday Presents – The best dog gifts for 2020

Dog Birthday Presents – The best dog gifts for 2019

It sure isn’t a myth that our furry friends love playing with different types of dog toys and enjoy a variety of different dog treats. That’s why here at Postman Pooch we’ve handcrafted a list of the best dog Birthday presents! This includes Birthday gift boxes along with the greatest toys and tastiest treats!

Your dog is always by your side, always there when you are down; they are your best friend and your special baby all in one! Why should treating them to a special Birthday be any different to a human friend or family? 

1. Postman Pooch subscription, £13 – £31

The best dog gifts for 2019 - dog subscription box uk

Looking for a gift to spoil your dog on their special day? Are you looking for one of the best dog Birthday presents on the planet? Look no further! Postman Pooch subscription offers 3, 5, 7 or 10 items depending on which plan you choose. The gift box includes cool, fun and original toys along with tasty treats that are paw-picked and tested. 

Why we love it:

  • New toys, treats and other goodies at the end of every month
  • 4 Themes throughout the year, Christmas, Birthday, Halloween & Easter

2. 5 Senses Ball (5enses), £5

The best dog gifts for 2019 - five senses ball

The five senses ball is the ultimate throw and fetch toy for your dog! The ball incorporates canine ergonomics alongside the physical science behind what dogs love! It appeals to all five of a dogs senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and feel! 

Sight – First of all you’ll notice the bright colours. This is because dogs are limited to the colour range that they can see. The colours of the ball have been carefully picked as the easiest for a dog to see.

Sound – It’s no secret that dogs love toys that make noise when they play or bite into them, it gives them a sense of accomplishment! That’s why, when thrown and played with, the 5 senses ball rattles and shakes. This gives your dog more stimulation and joy through playtime. 

Smell/taste – The ball both smells and tastes like real beef! This drives dogs wild for playtime!

Feel – 5enses ball has a multi-textured surface designed to be easy on the teeth when chewed, easier to pick up and adds more interest and stimulation when played with! 

Why we love it:

  • Despite hours of playtime, the 5 senses ball retains its taste and smell of beef over a long period of time!
  • Very well constructed, we challenge your dog to try to get the bell out! 
  • Built with love and care to maximize the happiness of your dog during playtime.

Pick up a 5 senses ball HERE.

3. Dog Bow Ties, £7-£8

The best dog gifts for 2019 - dog bow ties

Dog Bow Ties are revolutionary in the dog accessory world and have been taking the world by a storm! They’ve quickly become a must have fashion accessory for dogs. Here at postman pooch we offer the best handmade, stylish, cool and quirky dog bow ties; coming in many different variations! 

Why we love them:

  • Come in a range of different sizes to fit any breed of dog.
  • Great quality, handcrafted from 100% cotton.
  • Easy to apply, just slide them onto your dogs collar! 

Pick up a Dog Bow Tie HERE.

4. Kong Airdog Squeaker Football, £4.05 – £5.80

The best dog gifts for 2019 - kong airdog squeaker

The Kong Airdog Squeaker is a unique ball shaped like an American football. The ball is unique as the material of it is similar to a tennis ball. Mimicking a tennis ball, it’s made of a high quality material and is also non-abrasive making it kind on your dogs teeth. 

Why we love it:

  • Ergonomically designed to fit the size of a human hand and pawfect size for a dog to catch! 
  • Combines two classic dog toys taking the best parts from both! With an American football and the classic tennis ball.
  • Comes with an internal squeaker that dogs go crazy for!

Pick up a Kong Airdog Squeaker HERE.

5. Postman Pooch Tough Box Subscription, £25 – £29 a month

The best dog gifts for 2019 - tough toy subscription box uk

The Tough Subscription Box was built for dogs that just want to tear anything up in their path. Sometimes you feel like no matter what you buy your little one will still manage to tear it to shreds. But it’s ok we’ve built a box bundle just for you!

Why we love it:

  • Built for the aggressive or persistent chewer.
  • Full of tough and durable dog toys!
  • Great for naturally bigger dog breeds.

Sign up HERE.

6. Dog Birthday Cake, £20

The best dog gifts for 2019 - dog birthday cake

What is a birthday without a cake? We have the best birthday cakes made especially for dogs! Simply apply the icing yourself, pair with a candle and some toys and treats for the best birthday ever!

Why we love them: 

  • Comes with a personalised birthday card!
  • Icing pen comes with it to decorate the cake for your special one how you want.
  • Comes in 3 different colours!

Pick up a dog birthday cake HERE.

7.  Build a Birthday Box, £8

Just like the name says the ‘Build a Birthday Box’ allows you to build the perfect gift box for your dog! Originally coming with a Birthday Woofin with a Candle, a Handwritten Card (personalised to your pooch) and a Party Hat! All you need to do is add the extra toys and treats you want to be packaged and we’ll make up the hamper! 

Why we love it:

  • Comes with a handwritten card personalised to your dog’s name!
  • Ability to build the best birthday present to suit your dog!
  • Completely unique, you wont find any other service like this!

Craft your own Build a Birthday Box HERE.

8. Hollings Buffalo Horn, £7

The best dog gifts for 2019 - holdings buffalo horn

Word on the street the Buffalo Horn by Hollings is one of the toughest things on the planet! Great for aggressive chewers that just don’t ever want to stop chewing! It’s a perfect as far as dog birthday presents go because it lasts so long!

Why we love it: 

  • Rich in fibre and low in fat making them a healthy treat.
  • They are 100% natural.
  • Guaranteed to last, even amongst the toughest of chewers!

Grab a Buffalo Horn by Hollings HERE.

9.  Dog Birthday Box, £31 (Girls and Boys)

The best dog gifts for 2019 - dog birthday box

A Dog Birthday Box is one of the ultimate dog birthday presents. Packing all the best birthday gifts into one box, packaged and sent straight to your door! Each box comes with a 5 Senses Ball, a Barking Bakery Woofin & Candle, a Personalised Birthday Card, Pet Munchies Chicken & Calcium Bones, a pack of Woof You Biscuits and a Celebration Birthday Hat. Extra items depending on the gender include either a Dog Beer or a Pawsecco or a choice of plush toys depending on the variation you get.

Why we love it:

  • Saves all the hassle of having to buy all the toys and pack them, it’s a dog birthday box with everything you need!
  • Tried and tested! We sent a group of dog lovers to find the perfect collection of birthday treats and toys for your pooch to celebrate in style.
  • Personalised to your dog and sent straight to your door!

Pick up your Dog Birthday Box HERE.

10. Squeaky Champagne and Beer Toys, £9.50-£11.99

The best dog gifts for 2019 - crisp squeaky dog toys

These novelty squeaky bottles are a favourite for dogs around the globe! Next time you are out buying yourself a bottle you can bring one home for your dog too! Guaranteed to produce a barrel of laughs for you and give your dog entertainment for hours!

Why we love them:

  • Satisfies your dogs natural need to chew!
  • Made from a custom mix of non-toxic, safe vinyl that is durable and wont break easily.
  • These silly squeakers come in many different novelty designs!

Pick up a Crispaw Novelty Squeaker HERE.