Large Pugsecco Dog Toy


Only 5 left in stock

It’s Party time! The Pugsecco plush toy is the perfect premium gift for birthdays, special occasions or just another day in the life of a pampered Pooch.

Only 5 left in stock


This magnum sized bottle with crinkle label and integrated squeakers is guaranteed to to get tails wagging. We absolutely love this dog toy and so do our customers, the finish and construction are really high quality and its the ultimate toy to have lying around any stylish home, perfect too for parties and posing pooches.

Furry Facts

Did you know that 75% of dog owners celebrate their dogs birthday and 58% sing happy birthday! 51% of people give their dog a birthday party, we don’t know what percentage have Pugsecco, but we think it should be 100%, in fact scrap that, we think dogs should have Pugsecco every day of the year!