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A Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

With Fritzy at the top of Santa’s “nice” list, you’re going to want to be sure to pamper him this holiday season. So how do you find the perfect gift?

Finding just the right present for your canine friend can depend on their personality, their age, their health, and just how much pampering you really wanna provide. Gifts can range from items needed for everyday quality of life to luxurious gifts meant for a canine king.

Our Holiday Gift Guide has a unique choice for all your needs.

For Your Best Friend

  • Their Own Blanket (or two!): Dogs love to burrow in blankets, it’s part of their instinct as a den animal, meaning they’ll search for confined, covered spaces to rest. Instead of having him use your blankets, give him his own so he can create his a safe, secure den.
  • A Chuckit: When you’re out for a little exercise, and up for a game of catch, your arm may not be up for the task. Chuckit is designed to throw a tennis ball three times farther than your arm, which in turn will give your dog more exercise. The flexible rubber handle allows you to pick up a slobbery ball without having to lean over and touch it – an extra perk!
  • A Bacon-Flavored Chew Toy: Nothing says I love you like the fresh taste of bacon. And besides the great flavour, chewing helps dogs keep their gums and teeth healthy by preventing plaque buildup. A chew toy can also alleviate your dog’s stress and boredom so they’re not chewing up your favourite shoes or your new sofa.

For Seniors And Disabled Dogs

  • A Stroller: One of the primary reasons to consider a pet stroller is for your elderly or disabled pet. This gives you the opportunity to still spend quality time together outside of the home. But doggy strollers also have a lot of other perks, including protection from the elements, increased speed if you’re walking or running, a safe place for getting in and out of tense situations like a trip to the vet, and a barrier between more aggressive pets.
  • A Heated Orthopedic Bed: These beds provide senior canines with stiff joints and tendencies to get cold a warm and cosy resting place. Orthopaedic beds are also designed to provide extra support for your pet’s back, allowing for more comfortable sleep.
  • A Pet Ramp or Steps: Age can bring about physical limitations for your canine friend, and steps or a ramp will help them with daily access in your home and your car. Steps can be placed next to stationary furniture such as beds or sofas for easier ups and downs. Ramps, on the other hand, are portable and lightweight, allowing for indoor and outdoor use. Consider both options before selecting which one is right for you.


For The Dog Who Has Everything (and we do mean everything!)

  • A Bamboo Hammock When your dog’s the real master of the house, they need a special resting place fit for a king, and the eco-friendly Bamboo Hammock is just the right thing. The solid bamboo provides a unique nesting type surface for your dog’s own weight, relieving pain from arthritis. The soft microfiber cushion is reversible, stain resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • A Pet Portrait You can have these made large enough to mount over your fireplace or small enough to sit framed on your desk. These custom, hand-painted pet portraits are crafted from your favourite picture and can be made with charcoal, pencil, acrylic or oil paint, or in a pastel or watercolour.
  • A Custom Dog Plush Tired of the same old plush dog toys? Now you can create a customized plush dog that looks just like your Fritzy. Simply email a description and a photo, then select from multi-colour or solid, and you’ll have your own Flat Doggy plush stuffed animal in no time!

Remember, Fritzy is part of the family, so you’re not going to want to leave him out this holiday. Instead, use this special time to honour and celebrate the unconditional love and loyalty he gifts you all year round. Happy shopping!