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Your Favourite Love Island Contestants As Dog Breeds

Now that Love Island 2021 is well underway, it’s clear to see that many of the Islanders have distinct personalities and traits, just like different dog breeds do! In this blog, we’ve coupled up your favourite Love Island contestants with the dog counterpart we believe they’re most similar to, based on the characteristics they’ve displayed throughout the series so far!

Liberty Poole 

Liberty has only had eyes for Jake since the start of the series, so it’s fair to say that she’s a loyal contestant that’s willing to stand by her man! Even when new arrivals have entered the villa, Liberty’s head hasn’t been turned. Due to her fiercely loyal nature, we believe Liberty is most similar to a Labrador Retriever.

Labradors are playful and clever with a warm and friendly personality, just like Liberty. Labradors love affection and attention and, with the right training, they tend to be easy-going. Liberty is also an easy-going member of the villa as she’s managed to avoid any disputes so far this series and stays away from the drama! 

Despite that, Liberty is still outgoing and sociable, just like the trusty Labrador Retriever who tends to be great with other dogs! These dogs have plenty of affection to go around, so they make the perfect family dog providing that the owner has the time to fulfil their needs.

Sharon Gaffka 

As one of the sassiest and most confident girls to ever grace the villa, it’s only right that Sharon gets a mention, even if she has now left! Sharon has a distinct personality and since entering the villa, she’s been flying the flag for independent women! Sharon’s looking to find love, but insists that she wants a man that will fit in with her life as it already is, and her career. Sharon is career-driven and independent – she’s already made reference to the fact that she doesn’t need a man to provide for her, she can do that on her own. With that in mind, it seems Sharon is best suited to the Dachshund!

Dachshunds are extremely self-confident and because they are partly hound and partly terrier, they can be rather independent and feisty, just like Sharon! Dachshunds are known for being loyal protectors of their owners and their family, just how Sharon likes to have her girls’ backs in the villa if anyone crosses their path! Dachshunds are also known for their courageous, intelligent and lively personalities and they love to give and receive affection. 

Faye Winter 

Faye has earned a reputation amongst the viewers as a feisty Islander and she’s even been compared to Olivia Attwood from Series 3 for possessing similar traits. On several occasions, Faye hasn’t been afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she thinks is right – think back to that disagreement with Chloe! Some might say that Faye likes to make her presence known, which is just like the Chihuahua!

Chihuahua’s have strong personalities and can be alert, sensitive and suspicious of strangers, similar to Faye who has been concerned about letting her guard down throughout the series so far. Despite being small in size, Chihuahua’s tend to be bold and confident in personality, just like Faye. Many viewers have said that Faye has been the main source of entertainment in this series, just as many Chihuahua owners will tell you that their furry friend is full of quirky and entertaining traits. With that in mind, it seems like the Chihuahua is definitely Faye’s type of pooch on paper!

Aaron Francis 

Aaron is still the most super-chilled Love Islander of this series despite his recent exit, and is often referred to as ‘cool, calm and collected’ by his fellow contestants. Because of Aaron’s calm and relaxed nature, it seems he’s definitely well-matched with a Saint Bernard. A well-bred, adult Saint is often known to be calm, relaxed and sensible, making them the perfect family dog.

The breed, often known as a gentle giant, appreciates socialisation and companionship, just as Aaron has appreciated the support of the boys in the villa during the times when he’s lacked any love interest. When it comes to strangers, Saint Bernard’s tend to be quite relaxed and accepting – we’ve seen these traits with Aaron too when new arrivals enter the villa. Aaron is always quick to welcome the new arrivals and rarely seems to feel threatened by the bombshells. All Saint Bernards need space and room – they appreciate opportunities to stretch out and laze around. This is just like Aaron who can often be seen chilling on the swing or by the pool throughout the day!

Brad McClelland 

Whilst Brad sadly left the villa following a public vote where he and Lucinda were deemed the least compatible couple, there’s no denying that he had one of the most distinctive personalities in the villa. So, it’s only right that he gets a mention in this blog post. Brad seems to be the giddy and energetic member of the gang, whilst also extremely loving – he often fell quite hard for the new arrivals, as he did with Lucinda! It’s therefore only right that Brad gets paired with a playful personality, and we think the Weimaraner is a great match!

Weimaraners make excellent companions and have a lot of energy. Similar to Brad, these dogs need plenty of activity and a lot of mental stimulation. Brad was known as the resident chatterbox in the villa, so it’s clear that he likes to keep his mind ticking with conversations (even if the girls did criticise him for not asking enough questions)! 

Weimaraners are intelligent dogs that need to be around humans – they don’t cope with being left for too long or with staying in kennels. If subject to long periods of time without human interaction, Weimaraners can suffer from separation anxiety which results in barking or destructive behaviour. 

Hugo Hammond 

Hugo – a PE teacher and keen cricketer – appears to have stolen the hearts of the nation as the villa’s ‘all-round nice guy’, even if he has spent the first couple of weeks in the villa without a love interest. Because Hugo seems gentle, sensitive and great around other people whilst having a sporty side, it seems only right that he’s coupled up with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This breed combines a gentle, assertive personality with a sporty nature, due to its spaniel ancestry. 

Cavalier’s tend to adapt to their owner’s lifestyle and fit right in with the family, just like Hugo has in the villa. These dogs can switch between lounging around and showing off their sporty side depending on their owner’s lifestyle, just as Hugo can often be seen chilling by the pool in the villa, or flexing his sports skills as a cricketer and PE teacher. 

Some might say that Cavaliers are therefore eager to please their owners, just as Hugo wants to make his fellow Islanders happy – cast your mind back to the ‘fake’ comment that insulted Sharon and Faye. Hugo was mortified and desperate to put things right!

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