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Treating your dog this Christmas

There is absolutely no reason or excuse for your dog to miss out on the festivities this Christmas. It is the time of year that we celebrate, have fun and indulge and this should be no different for your pooch. Here are some hints as to what we have in store and also some tips to make sure your dog is treated the best Christmas possible.

As we take time out to relax from the hustle and bustle of work and plan and enjoy the festivities, why not spend some extra time with your four-legged friend. It doesn’t cost anything to treat them to extra long walks or simply just more regular playtimes outside.

When it comes to presents under the tree, here at Postman Pooch we wanted to create a new special Christmas Treat Box to make it easier for you to treat your special friend. As all of our boxes, we spent months researching and planning this new addition as we scoured lapland for the highest quality Christmas treats and toys to spoil your pooch this festive season.

I know what your thinking, this sounds better than your Christmas lunch. Here are a few tips to make sure your dog can enjoy these treats and that special day.

Don’t Feed your Dog your Christmas Dinner

Whilst we like to indulge in our human food as it is truly delicious, many parts of our Christmas lunch are highly toxic and dangerous for our dogs. Chocolate, mince pies, Christmas pudding, onion gravy and alcohol are all poisonous for our pets and the bones from carcasses can be a dangerous choking hazard.

Don’t Overindulge

Despite the fact that our Christmas Dog Treat box is full of seriously scrumptious dog treats for your canine companion, please don’t overindulge when treating your dog, simply make sure they are not exceeding their daily amount of calories.

Festive Decorations Beware

Obviously, it is important that your home resembles a Christmas wonderland but be aware that plants such as Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe can all be very poisonous for our furry friends so make sure this is out of bounds.

It might be tempting to get a helping ‘paw’ when opening your Christmas prezzies but don’t let your dog swallow any wrapping paper. Try and make sure that Tinsel is out of reach as despite it being a treat for one’s eyes, your dog’s tummy won’t agree.

Help Your Dog Cope with Christmas Chaos

Christmas is exciting and magical however at times it can get chaotic and very busy. It is important to keep your dog in a routine as this will help them cope. Provide them with a quiet room or place in your house so that they can retreat when things get too chaotic. This will also give them a nice quiet place to enjoy their Christmas dog treats.

Apart from that, it is now time to Treat your pup so visit our newly launched Christmas Dog Treat Box and spoil your canine companion this Christmas.