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Tips for a Great Dog Christmas

Dogs love Christmas, or at least, most of them do. How much your favourite canine companion loves the exciting disruption usually depends on their personality, but with a few well-chosen dog Christmas gifts and extra dog Christmas treats, your pooch should have the best fun ever.

Does My Dog Know it’s Christmas?

According to animal behaviour experts, your best four-legged friend has no idea it’s Christmas. Many dog parents would disagree. They notice an increase in their pet’s excitable behaviour as soon as the Christmas decorations go up. Dogs love to sniff out their dog Christmas presents hidden beneath the Christmas tree. But dogs are highly sensitive creatures. They form such a special bond with their favourite people, they can’t help but share in their emotions. It means if you become excitable in the weeks before Christmas, your dog will too.

Dog Advent Calendar

One of the most effective ways to help your pooch look forward to their best ever doggy Christmas is to get them their own dog Advent calendar. At Postman Pooch, we have a lovely selection. They’re beautifully illustrated to capture the magical atmosphere of an exciting dog-friendly Christmas. Even young puppies aged just three months can join in the fun of daily dog Christmas treats.

Behind each of the little numbered windows your dog will find a tempting morsel. They might include delicious flavours of chicken and turkey. Show your pooch his dog Advent calendar at the start of each day. It’s one way to help them appreciate Christmas. Another of our great dog Christmas gifts is a dog Christmas stocking. It’s packed full of tasty goodies and looks very decorative. But make sure it’s well out of reach, otherwise it might not last until Christmas Day.

How Personality Affects Your Dog’s Christmas

What we love most about our faithful doggies is their individual characters. Just like us, each one has their own special personality. If your dog is a lively, bold extrovert, they’ll relish helping you decorate your home with tinsel, but don’t let your pooch play tug-of-war with it. The aluminium strands easily break off and can lodge in your dog’s throat. Instead, help them join in the fun with one of our special dog Christmas gifts. We have lots of new toys with a festive theme. There could be reindeers, squeaky sprouts and even oven-ready turkeys made of high-quality rubber. However, if your little pooch is a bit of a shy introvert, his dog-friendly Christmas might not be so much fun.

Best Dog Christmas Presents for a Shy Canine

Dogs react to the excesses of Christmas in different ways. The loud, boisterous dog can’t wait to leap into the action, but a dog with a shy, quiet streak might find the festivities overwhelming. They could even react the same as on Bonfire Night. One of the best dog Christmas gifts for the highly sensitive dog is a brand-new bed.

Dog beds

There are some fabulously soft and cosy dog beds in our range of Christmas presents for dogs. Place it in the quietest spot where your little pooch can go and relax away from the noise of Christmas Day. If they’re only a puppy, why not choose them a new toy companion to snuggle up to? There are some imaginative creatures in our dog Christmas shop. They are wonderfully comforting to keep your dog feeling safe and happy.

Customised Dog Christmas Presents

No-one knows your dog’s personality as well as you. Now you can create a customised gift box full of dog Christmas treats. It’s one of the most popular dog-friendly gifts in our Postman Pooch shop. You can assemble your own assortment of treats, toys and gorgeous accessories from our brand-new range of dog Christmas gifts. It’s far more fun for you and you know you’ll be choosing doggy gifts to suit your dog’s very individual tastes.

Keep Your Dog Safe on Christmas Eve

As a dog parent, you’ll be only too aware of how curious your pooch can be. Don’t hide their dog Christmas gifts beneath the Christmas tree too early. They might even stay up all Christmas Eve determinedly sniffing out their dog Christmas treats. Our advice at Postman Pooch is that some of your own Christmas presents should never be left unsupervised. The wrapping paper around boxes of chocolates isn’t always enough to stop your dog tearing them open. Avoid decorating your Christmas tree with chocolate novelties covered in foil. There’s a danger they’ll sniff out and devour any chocolate they find.

An enzyme called theobromine is in chocolate, which acts like poison in your dog’s stomach. It can seriously harm or even kill your dog if they eat chocolate meant for you. Instead, order them some of our delicious dog-friendly chocolates. They are great as dog Christmas treats, especially when you and your pooch are relaxing together on the sofa watching festive TV programmes. You can both indulge in some chocolate. But as tempting as our Postman Pooch chocolate dog Christmas treats are, don’t get confused and eat your dog’s chocolates by mistake!

How Your Dog can Enjoy Christmas Day

At every other time of the year, your best doggy friend is sure to receive masses of attention. But at Christmas you’re often distracted by guests you’ve probably not seen since last year. But if your canine chum is to enjoy their own Christmas Day, they shouldn’t be ignored. They won’t understand why you’re so busy and could become anxious and frustrated. To make your dog feel reassured, make sure they open they’re Postman Pooch dog Christmas presents before anyone else. It’s worth spending a few minutes helping them try one of their new festive treats. We have some amazing festive flavours for them to enjoy. Some of the best dog Christmas treats for keeping them busy while you open your own gifts are natural chews. Tripe strips and rabbits’ ears are so deliciously rugged and leathery, it will take them ages to finish one off.

Make a Dog Christmas Dinner Extra Tasty

You’ve probably been looking forward to your Christmas Day feast for weeks. Now your best doggie friend can join in too. At Postman Pooch, we’ve got bottles of festive brew specially designed to make your dog’s Christmas dinner extra special. They usually contain a delicious gravy of healthy herbs to turn their regular food into a deliciously tasty Christmas Day dinner. They can even share in the fun of a cake for a Christmas feast desert. Our Postman Pooch dog Christmas presents include amazing cup cakes baked and decorated with all the ingredients your dog loves.

How Your Dog Can Enjoy Boxing Day

Traditionally, everyone enjoys a walk on Boxing Day to recover from the previous day’s feasting. Your dog will love some extra companions for their daily run around the park. You can ensure they look their best with a cute festive outfit. If the weather’s dry they can feel snug and warm in a doggy Christmas jumper. But if there’s snow or light rain, they’ll love to show off their brand-new waterproof coat. We’ve got an amazing choice with useful features, such as hoods and leggings. Boxing Day is the perfect excuse to make your four-legged friend’s Christmas fun last even longer. Choose a new colourful collar and lead decorated in a festive style. Alternatively, make them look ultra-cool during walkies with a cosy scarf or one of our cute handmade bow ties.

Tips for a Great Dog Christmas

Your favourite doggie companion can look forward to their best ever dog Christmas this year. You’ll be amazed at our exciting Postman Pooch dog Christmas presents. We have all types of dog Christmas gifts. They’re specially chosen to suit every doggy personality. By matching the gifts that best complement your dog’s individual character, you’ll be giving them the dog Christmas gifts they’re sure to adore.

Keep your dog happy by giving them lots of fuss and attention to tire them out before an important Christmas event. Then they can snooze in one of our brand-new, comfy beds while you’re busy. Christmas is a great time to assess a new puppy’s personality. If they’re timid, teach them how they can enjoy a wonderful dog Christmas for years to come. Involve them in all the action, but at a steady pace. When tired, make sure they can retreat to a cosy bed in a quiet corner.

You’ll convince them early on that a dog Christmas is the best fun ever when you show him a dog Advent calendar full of delicious dog Christmas treats. Planning a dog Christmas at Postman Pooch is great fun. We have so many special dog Christmas presents, you’re sure to please even the fussiest pooch!