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The Best Dog Christmas Gifts for 2020 – Presents Your Pup Will Love!

The Best Dog Christmas Gifts for 2020

I know what you’re thinking. Why would you bother spending more money on yet another loved one for this Christmas season? Haven’t you already spent enough? The real question you should be asking yourself is why not?

Think about it. Your Dog is by your side 24/7, 365 days a year. They’re always there to cheer you up on tough days, with an unlimited stream of love and expecting nothing back. Realistically a dog’s Christmas should be like yours or mine. It should be filled with lots of eating & lots of love. They should be treated like the much-loved family member they are!

Watching everyone open up their presents on Christmas day sure is exciting but what’s more exciting is having your very own Dog Christmas Present to open! Imagine the sheer excitement on your pup’s face! Your dog is the one to whom your gift will mean the most to anyway!

Stuck for ideas on what to get your dog for Christmas? Look no further, we’ve compiled a list of all the best possible gifts you can buy for your pup this Christmas!

Dog Christmas Boxes

To give your dog the ultimate Christmas experience then we recommend the dog Christmas box! It’s a large Christmas gift hamper filled to the brim with dog treats, toys, dog bow ties and other goodies that frankly you’d be a fool to miss.

Dog Christmas Boxes

At Postman Pooch we like to cater for a large range of dogs. We offer a range of different Christmas Boxes each year! On this list, we have The Ultimate Christmas Box, The Luxury Christmas Box, The Christmas Dog Box & The Christmas Dog Treat box!

The Ultimate Christmas Box

Meet the ultimate Christmas Box! It’s a special one to us because it’s the first box we’ve done with our very own handcrafted Christmas Dog Bow Tie! How cute will your dog look with their very own bow tie to put on for festive Christmas dinner!

Not only this but it comes accompanied with 3 quirky Christmas Dog Toys: The Crinkly Reindeer Plush Dog Toy, Plush Penguin Dog Toy, Flashing Reindeer Dog Toy (With Built In Squeaker).

The Ultimate Christmas Box with Dog Bow Tie

The Crinkle of the Reindeer Plush Dog Toy is a magical thing, it has enough power to drive your dog wild for playtime without giving you the earache of a deafening squeak!

What Dog doesn’t want a cuddle buddy for over the cold season? The Plush Penguin is an ultra-soft toy made with a colour moppy texture! It comes in either a penguin or a Santa Claus variation.

The Flashing Reindeer Dog Toy is a durable squeaky ball that when thrown and played with not only squeaks but lets off a flashing light effect. The secret perk of this toy is that it is very durable; if you have a small dog don’t be surprised to see it last until next Christmas!

Alongside the joyous range of toys, there are some tasty Christmas Themed treats! Christmas can be a dangerous time of eating for dogs. As much as you’d love to give your pup some of your leftover Christmas dinner, you can’t forget that dogs have sensitive stomachs. That’s why the ultimate box (along with our other boxes) is packed with Christmas treats so your dog won’t ever miss out!

The Luxury Christmas Box

The Luxury Box comes packed with everything that the Ultimate Box has! It’s made for only the greatest tastes and most luxurious of pets. This box is filled to the top with tasty Christmas themed treats.

The Luxury Christmas Box

I’m sure your dog gives you the puppy dog eyes when the pigs in blankets come out at Christmas right? I know for sure mine does! Who can blame them? I think I’d do the same if someone is cooking them for me! Unfortunately, when it comes to Christmas you need to be careful with what you feed your precious pooch. We don’t want any upset stomachs for when family and friends come round, that could end in a disaster!

Worry no more! The Luxury Christmas Box comes with a pack of Good Boy Succulent Pigs in blankets. They are made with 100% natural meat so there’s not really that much difference, your pup will never know! What’s more, they get their very own Christmas Dessert with the delicious Christmas Biscuits!

These tasty Christmas Pudding Dog Biscuits are handmade from scratch! Handcrafted with love, affection and the finest quality of ingredients! What’s more, they taste amazing!

The Christmas Dog Treat Box

Don’t want to spend a crazy amount on your dog for Christmas? The Christmas Dog Box is the first Christmas Box from Postman Pooch, but it’s still a winner at Christmas time! It’s a little cheaper than the others but you can rest assured you are still guaranteed a premium box full of Christmas goodies!

The Christmas Dog Treat Box

This is all well and good, but what can you expect from this box? Meet the Plush Polar Bear Tugger. This little bear is both soft yet great for tug games with your pup! It’s got rope tugger legs and a soft plush body for cuddles at bedtime!

The rubber gingerbread-man made an appearance in this box. Its a soft rubber chew toy that squeaks with every chew. We all know dogs go crazy for squeaky toys, spend a few minutes squeaking this toy and its got the power to send your dog wild!

Also making an appearance in this box are the two treat bags of Yuletide Yummies and Crunchy Chicken & Calcium Bones. These two bags of treats are ideal for Christmas time because they bring the taste of Christmas to your dog! Once more making it much safer than treating your dog to human-grade food that could potentially upset their stomachs!

Christmas Advent Calendar for Dogs

There’s nothing quite like counting down to Christmas with a piece of chocolate every day in the running up until the big day! It’s a staple in almost every home that celebrates Christmas, everyone does it. Did you know even dogs can join in on the fun?

You heard me right! Dogs now have their own Advent Calendars so won’t miss out! They are a great little early Dog Christmas Present for the start of December, it’s the perfect way to get everyone involved for Christmas. Not only this but it makes for an exciting start to every morning for your pup, just watch their tail wag as you open it up alongside them.

Choose either the standard Christmas Advent Calendar for Dogs or a Luxury Christmas Advent Calendar for Dogs. The standard Dog Advent Calendar comes with a tasty Dog friendly chocolate treat behind every door. Want to really treat your dog in the run-up to Christmas? Pick up the luxury Christmas dog advent calendar for a fresh meaty treat every morning to give to your pup! Your dog won’t believe their luck!

Festive Dog Bow Tie

Dog with Christmas Bow Tie

Steering clear of treats now, we’ve got a festive Dog Bow Tie. Festive Bow Ties for Dogs are a must-have for over the Christmas season, they have the power to turn your dog from a 10/10 cuteness to an 11/10! You may think that’s not possible but just look at this picture of Otis and his Festive Dog Bow Tie! If you want your puppy to be the most dapper this Christmas then a bow tie is a must-have! Make family, friends and other dog owners heads turn!

The great thing about these bow ties are that they are easily fitted straight onto the collar! They don’t require any special attention or tailoring! All you need to do is simply slide the elastic strap over your dog’s collar and you’re good to go! These bow ties are also made of high quality 100% cotton, this means they are completely washable! It is advised, however, to handwash rather than using a washing machine as it can be quite harsh and cause the material to fray.

Dog Subscription Box

What more to show your undying love for your dog than Dog Subscription Boxes? A dog treat box delivered to your door filled with toys and treats is all they can ask for! Dog Subscription Boxes are a service that provides your dog with a monthly renewal of quirky toys and treats delivered to your door free of charge every month!

So what exactly can you expect? Starting from £14 you can expect a range of different plans; we cater for Puppies with sensitive tummies, Tough Chewers that need indestructible dog toys or Greedy Dogs that want an all-treats box! For whatever you fancy we have you covered when it comes to Dog Subscription Boxes!

Well, don’t just take it from us… take it from our customers!


Why does this make for one of the Best Dog Christmas Gifts I hear you ask? We celebrate 5 subscription box themes throughout the year that your dog will love! We cater for Birthdays, Valentines, Halloween, Easter and Christmas, so expect your box to arrive on Christmas Day filled to the top of all your favourite dog toys and treats but Christmas-themed!

Puppy Subscription Box

The puppy subscription box is one of many Dog Subscription Box variations that we have on our site. We know how hard it is to goodies fit just for a young Puppy, they can’t have all the toys & treats that the older dogs can have, so we thought we’d create a box just for you! It’s one of the Best Dog Christmas Gifts money can buy, especially if you’re planning on getting a new pup for Christmas. For all the stress they go through, they deserve a Christmas Present too!

Tough Dog Subscription Box

The Tough Dog Subscription is a great doggie gift to receive at Christmas time if your dog is a heavy chewer and obsessed with trying to break their toys! I’m sure we, as dog owners, have all been there where our dog has maliciously destroyed an innocent toy in seconds. This treat box is made for dog owners that experience this on the daily! The Tough Dog Subscription assures you with the toughest of toys and treats, what better way to celebrate Christmas this year than having a present ripped apart in seconds!