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Show Your Dog You Love Them This Valentines Day

February 14th, a day where we show our affection for others through cards, chocolate or flowers etc. Valentines Day is about showing that one person that you care about them. But our dogs show us this, on a daily basis, right? This year, we see an opportunity to acknowledge and repay the affection our pooches unconditionally give to us. Most owners may be stuck in how they can show their dog they love them. In this post, then, we’re going to help you show your dog you love them this Valentines Day:

Treat Them

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Speak Their Language

Dogs express their love and affection for us differently to how humans would. Owners may struggle with how to repay that affection in a way that our canine companions can understand. We’ve found the best ways to effectively show your dog you love them this Valentines Day, that they can understand:

According to Dr. Brian Hare, gazing into your dog’s eyes when you are calmly relaxing can stimulate the release of Oxytocin in their brain (i.e. the same reaction that bonds parents and children). Hare describes a dogs stare as them “hugging you with their eyes”.

In addition, a 2013 study found that dogs tend to raise their eyebrows (particularly their left one) when they greet their owner – a motion that isn’t repeated for strangers or toys/treats. Try to raise your eyebrows (additional kudos for just your left brow!) when around your dog – they will recognise this motion and feel loved!

Have you noticed that your dog tends to lean into you when your sat down or even stood up? This is something they do to show their affection for us. Try to lean on them every now and again – though not too heavy to make them feel trapped – to show you trust and love them.

Gregory Berns, author of ‘How Dogs Love Us‘, explains that sleeping with humans is a display of love and trust from dogs, as that is when they are most vulnerable. Try snuggling up on the sofa or floor for a few minutes each day to show your affection and trust.

While it may sometimes be difficult for us to read our pooches emotions, it’s much easier for them to recognise ours. Your dog is likely already able to read your voice and body language to tell what mood you are in. Sometimes, you’ll simply just need to love them for them to tell.

So there we have our tips on how to show your dog you love them this Valentines Day. We hope this article is helpful for everypawdy, remember to show some love to your pooch!