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Puppy Essentials to become Postman Pooch

We will soon be changing our name and rebranding to Postman Pooch! We’ve got new ideas, new toys and treats ready to go under the new name Postman Pooch!

We started up puppy essentials with the first intent of being a simple dog information portal where dog owners could come to us for our knowledge and experience with dogs. We started by writing blogs and posts helping dog owners on all things dog! We eventually started to look into making our own dog toy and treat boxes because we knew animals and dogs in particular didn’t get enough commercial attention, the websites built for animal products were all dated and there was seemingly a gap in the market for us to start doing what they did, only better. The aim was to revolutionise the way that people shop for essential dog products online. Our plan was simple, create an industry leading website, set the bar for customer service and sell only the highest quality, hand picked, products for dogs. We also believed that dogs should be treated with the same love and care that humans are treated with on their birthday, a dog is constantly showering you with love, why shouldn’t they be treated on their birthday?

What’s next?
We want to remain with the same philosophy moving forward. Dog boxes will continue to be personalised and we will always offer maximum customer satisfaction. When the new site is launched we will:
– Start selling treats from our boxes individually on the site so customers can choose to buy singular toys or treats for their dog.
– Change our subscriptions so that they can be paused or cancelled at anytime.
– Expand to our product range to make more toys and treats available for people to buy.

Stay with us, the new site will be launched soon!