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Love Island: Your favourite stars as dog breeds

Love island stars as dog breeds

With Love Island 2019 just around the corner and a brand new list of contestants we thought we’d have a look at all your favourite contestants from 2018! We’ve paired them up with what we think their best dog counter part would be based on how they acted during the series!

Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer was recognized in Love Island as one of the most loyal contestants. She coupled up with Jack at the very start of the show and stayed with him until the end, despite him having cheated on his past two girlfriends. She was one of the most popular female contestants since the start of the show in 2018.

Dani is a Collie, both known for their sensitivity and undying loyalty to their companions. The Collie will stick will you through thick and thin making it an incredible family dog and great for families with kids. It has an amazing ability to understand and foresee their companion’s needs. Give a Collie your love and they will love you forever.

Collies are a breed of dog that needs constant attention and affection all around the clock. More specifically what Collies need most is personal attention, they need companionship from specific people. If they get left alone for too long they become unhappy resulting in barking or destructive chewing. Although Dani never barked on Love Island she definitely needed that companionship from Jack, surviving the whole series with him!

Both are soft and sweet with personality and also quite sensitive. Collies do not like environments with loud noises, voices or tension. Collies fair well with other pets and are respectful and polite when it comes to strangers. They need to be made used to socialising as a lot of Collies are at first quite timid.

Josh Denzel

Josh first coupled up with Georgia in 2018’s series of Love Island. He later recoupled up with Kaz after the normal villa receiving a lot of backlash from viewers for not being loyal. Despite this, he and Kaz made it to the finalists of Love Island 2018 after gaining a strong connection with Kaz. His main traits were that he was cheeky and quirky. He became friends with people within the house very easily and everyone liked him.

Josh is a Golden Retriever. Much like Josh, the Golden Retriever is very popular. In fact, it is one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S and U.K alone. Pairing with Josh who seemed to be quite popular amongst the ladies! Not only this but the Golden Retriever is one of a few dogs that get on really well with other dogs, it can play and have fun whilst making friends easily.

Golden Retrievers are now to be fairly energetic whilst being fairly even tempered which is why it can just about get on with anyone! The Golden Retriever is intelligent and affectionate making it relatively easy to train, as they are fast learners.

The Golden Retriever is a breed of a dog that is very eager to please; it’s a people’s person. Because of this, Golden Retrievers are playful, good with children and respond well to obedience training. They really don’t want to let their owners and people they are close to down.

Golden Retriever’s are bird dogs at heart, meaning they love to be active and love to fetch or swim. As long as exercise is provided daily, the Golden Retriever can adapt to almost any home.

Megan Barton Hanson

Megan had to win the public over after jumping from man to man in last year’s series of Love Island. Coming across as un-loyal, she finally settled with Wes again after coming back from Alex. It was recognized as one of the greatest love stories ever told in Love Island. Wes wouldn’t give up and was determined to have her by his side. After the confusion swapping from multiple guys, she was actually the first to ask Wes out and say she loved him.

Megan is an Afghan dog; they share the same characteristics with loyalty. The Afghan dog really isn’t considered a people pleaser. As the dog matures, it becomes more freethinking and independent. Love, affection and hugs come on their terms not yours.

The Afghan Dog is an independent thinker making it a challenge to train, much like Megan who was a challenge to keep! It is not really motivated by anything other than it’s own thinking, food and treats can be use to for most dogs but not for the Afghan Dog!

Although it is not known to be motivated by anything other than its own beliefs, the Afghan Dog is still known to outperform other dogs with its own decision to do so. Kindness and patience works best with this dog for you to get along although you need to understand that sometimes they simply will just no cooperate!

Laura Anderson

Laura was one of Love Island’s finalists in 2018 after having not the easiest of experiences in the villa. Laura was dumped twice for younger girls, but that didn’t discourage her. She eventually settled with Paul who seemed to be a blessing in disguise, she was known by the public for being loyal and sticking to her mind.

Laura’s dog breed would be a Chihuahua. Many dogs can be very flirtatious with other dog owners and dogs but not the Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is extremely loyal and will do anything to try to keep their owner safe, even despite their size. The Chihuahua doesn’t flirt with other dog owners much like Laura as she wouldn’t flirt with other guys in the villa; she was true to her mind and stuck with her men.

The Chihuahua has an almost out of character personality. Whilst being small they can have the mightiest of personality and charm. Whilst being very protective of their owner Chihuahua’s are excellent watchdogs, claimed to be amongst the top 10 by experts.

The Chihuahua thrives off companionship, often bonding better to a single person but never afraid to make friends! Although they can be a little shy at first, all it takes is a little socialization for them to be great friends with everyone!