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Indoor games to entertain your dog

indoor dog games

Knowing how to effectively entertain your dog indoors is an essential element of being a dog owner. Indoor enrichment games are not only an excellent way to entertain your dog, but they can help to relieve stress and anxiety, to tire your dog out or even to calm down an overly excited dog. 

Having a handful of high-quality enrichment games that you can prepare for your pup will be imperative for working on separation anxiety by distracting and soothing your dog as you leave and to provide your pup with some mental stimulation too. 

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Here’s a run-down of some of the best quality indoor dog games that will keep your four-legged friends active and stimulated time and time again. 

  1. Treat dispensing ball with suction cup

This nifty little product will keep your dog entertained for quite some time, with multiple different functionalities for some high-quality enrichment time. The suction cup sticks to any flat surface, and on the end of a super tough rope is a ball for them to play with. This already can be a particularly fun game for dogs who enjoy ball play, but the ball also comes with a squeaky bell that’s activated when your pup engages with the ball, which will take your dog’s enjoyment to the next level.

For dogs who are motivated by food, you can pack the ball with delicious treats that they’ll have to work hard to release, combining exercise with play time. 

  1. Kong Ballistic Hide n’ Treat

Kong’s durable and versatile enrichment toy is a great one to have in your toy box, providing your pup with hours of entertainment. 

The fabric ball is great for them to sink their teeth into – and can be used for fetch or general ball play. Not only that, but the ball consists of several sections which are stuck together by velcro with many hidden pockets that you can release and stuff with treats. Your pup will have to work hard to unravel the ball and sniff around to find their treats. 

You can take this game to the next level by asking your dog to ‘wait’ in one room, and hiding the Kong ball in the other, letting them use their nose to hunt down the ball, and then having to figure out how to unravel it to access their favourite treats! 

  1. Dog Life Squeaky Treat Snake

Our handy squeaky treat snake is a brilliant way to get your pup to work for their treats, or to serve them their dry food for a super fun food activity. 

This rubber snake is complete with a little groove in the back which you can fill with treats or kibble, forcing your dogs to use their teeth to work for their grub. The natural material of this toy will clean and massage your dog’s teeth and gums while they chew too, meaning your dogs get a free toothbrush while playing too. 

Add in the built-in squeaker to the mix, and this is something your pup will truly love. 

  1. Kong Gyro

Kong’s Gyro is an excellent enrichment game for occupying your pup when they’re home alone. Designed with an inner ball which you can stuff with treats or kibble and an outer orb, this toy encourages your pup to paw, move, flip and twist the Gyro to release the treats, offering great mental stimulation.

  1. Bacon Gnosher Dog Toy

If you’re looking for something that your dog can seek its teeth into, then this Gnosher dog toy is perfect – or pawfect! It’s bacon flavoured, is made from an incredibly durable nylabone material and has lots of different textures for your pup to enjoy. 

As well as these toys, there are also a number of other ways that you entertain your dog indoors. Try to mix up its feeding routines – why not serve its kibble in an egg carton, making it work for the meal? You could also wrap food in a tea towel, hide treats in amongst scrunched up paper in a cardboard box – anything which makes your four legged friend work for their food is a winner.