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How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter

It may not have been a ‘White Christmas’, however, that doesn’t mean we’re past the winter weather just yet. With snowfall having recently hit most parts of the UK, you’re likely taking precautions to cope with the weather. Don’t forget, though, that our four-legged companions could do with a little help in coping themselves. Here at Postman Pooch, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips on how to keep your dog safe this winter.

Keep Them Warm

It’s important that we help to prevent our pooch from becoming too cold, just like we would ourselves. Be sure to buy them a warm, practical winter coat. This will help to keep their bodies warm when outside in the cold weather. Try to get a high-visibility coat, too, this will help others to see your dog out in the dark. In addition to this, Dogs Trust advice letting your dog’s fur grow, strengthening their natural defence against the cold.

Winter Walkies Warnings

When walking your pooch, there are a number of precautions to be taken in the winter weather. Snow can be disorientating for your dog, so keep them on a lead if it’s snowing – to prevent them from becoming lost. Be careful, too, of where they’re walking. Don’t let them walk on frozen ponds or other bodies of water – the ice may not be thick enough to hold their weight! If your dog does fall in, Dogs Trusts advise to encourage them to swim back to you & call emergency services. After walks, be sure to wipe their legs and feet to remove any packed snow or ice. This prevents any trapped moisture that can cause sores. Watch out too, for salt and de-icers that are spread on roads and footpaths – these can irritate their paws.

Keep Antifreeze Away

We all know that dogs are curious animals, who aren’t afraid of diving tongue first into anything that’s dropped/ spilt on the floor. Something we don’t want them getting their paws on is Antifreeze. Antifreeze is highly toxic & fatal if ingested. Make sure you store it out of reach of your pooch. Antifreeze poisoning in dogs is not rare, if by any unfortunate chance your dog does come into contact with antifreeze – do not hesitate in going to your vet.

Be Careful & Prepared

As always, before heading out we recommend ensuring that your dog is wearing a collar and ID tag. Make sure, too, that they’re microchipped, and the data is up-to-date with your details. This way, if they do become lost, it’s easier to find them. It’s also important that you never leave your dog in a car during both hot and cold weather! In addition, it’s worth considering adjusting their portion size of food, during winter months. This ensures that they have the necessary amount of energy to cope in the cold weather – especially if they are outside a lot. Purina recommends checking with your vet to see how much extra energy your dog may require during winter.

So there we have our top tips for coping with the winter weather. We hope this article is helpful for everypawdy, remember to keep safe this winter!