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Choosing the Best Dog Christmas Gift

Dog Christmas Presents

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. It’s an opportunity to show your nearest and dearest how much they mean to you. And what could impress them more than a Postman Pooch dog Christmas gift? Our most popular festive canine present is the Postman Pooch Christmas Dog Treat Box. At first glance, you’ll think each one in our fabulous collection is simply a random selection of miscellaneous dog toys and dog treats. But we’ve put a great deal of thought into our dog Christmas presents. The doggy boffins at Postman Pooch have identified five different lifestyles. Accordingly, we’ve compiled each festive Christmas Dog Treat Gift Box to reflect how your dog will get the most enjoyment from the gifts inside.

Dog Christmas Presents and Lifestyle

To make the most of a doggy companion being our best friend, we obviously choose with care. If you’re an outdoors type, it won’t be much fun if your dog is fond of home. If you’re almost a couch potato, your doggy relationship could become fractious if your dog loves lots of active rambles. It’s the same philosophy that inspires each Christmas Dog Treat Box. No-one knows your pooch like you, so our recommendations shouldn’t be taken as unfailingly accurate. However, we’ve had enormous fun working them out. Now discover which festive Christmas Dog Treat Box might be perfect for your own doggy companion.#

1. Dog Christmas Presents For the Active Dog

All dogs are active, but this dog Christmas gift box is designed for the super energetic dog. Typical breeds could include a traditional carriage dog, such as a fit and healthy Dalmation. This elegantly spotty, black and white dog can often scamper along for five miles without appearing tired. The ideal Christmas Dog Treat Box for the very active dog is:

The Postman Pooch Traditional Christmas Treat Box

It contains plenty of themed dog toys to give the energetic pooch masses of active fun. The cheeky Christmas elf has arms made of tough rope. They are positioned to form loops so your dog can easily pick him up. The elf’s rugged construction should make him last well beyond the festive season.

The Merry Woofmas dog toy is a chunky, bone-shaped present. It’s ideal for dogs who love to play with something different to the usual squeaky rubber ball. We’ve also included a set of three tennis balls decorated in a festive theme. Your dog will love chasing them on a traditional Boxing Day ramble. They are high-quality with a good bounce to give your beloved pooch an invigorating work-out.

The Traditional Christmas Dog Treat Box wouldn’t be complete without a few tasty dog treats. There’s a delicious chipolata of turkey with a festive, cranberry flavour. And to round everything off, there’s a reindeer dog treat. It looks like an authentic gingerbread biscuit with an iced decoration.

A Christmas box containing various dog toys and treats.
Postman Pooch Traditional Christmas Box

2. Dog Christmas Gift for the Adorably Cute Dog

They always say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that’s certainly true of many of our four-legged friends. For instance, wrinkly pugs have become one of the top dogs to share our homes. All well-behaved dogs are adorably cute, but on looks alone you’ll obviously have your own personal favourite. At Postman Pooch, we have a soft spot for Bedlington terriers. These small dogs are clever, affectionate and look remarkably like cuddly little lambs. The perfect dog gift for an adorably cute dog could be:

The Candy Cane Christmas Dog Treat Box

This Postman Pooch dog Christmas present has an exciting mix of themed dog toys and very tasty dog treats. Your dog will adore our irresistably cute Christmas dog toy. It’s a beautifully soft, plush Santa Claus sporting a heart on his hat. Your dog’s sure to adopt him as a favourite well before Christmas lunch is served. We’re sure Santa won’t object to being pulled about by his red and white striped legs.

Keeping to the red and white theme, we’ve included a rope toy made to resemble a candy cane Christmas decoration. Its securely twisted fibres form a long length that makes it easy for your dog to pick up and hold in the mouth. It’s great for playing a few festive games of fetch, whether you’re indoors or outside.

This candy cane themed box includes a delicious doggy treat that looks exactly like a decorative candy cane you might hang on a Christmas tree. Adorably cute dogs often have a fondness for natural dog treats. We’ve also included a second candy cane that’s flavoured with chicken and it’s completely free of rawhide. For more tasty bites during playtime, there’s a pack of naturally wholesome Bark the Herald dog treats.

A Christmas box containing various dog toys and treats.
Postman Pooch Candy Cane Christmas Box

3. Dog Christmas Present for the Intelligent Dog

Being intelligent is actually common to all dogs. It’s why so many different breeds can learn tricks and do responsible jobs such as search and rescue missions. Sharing your life with a super brainy dog such as a border collie can be challenging. Traditional working dogs need plenty of stimulating games every single day. If not, they’ll quickly become bored then fretful. To keep your dog’s tail wagging in intellectual contentment, consider:

The Postman Pooch Santa’s Workshop Christmas Dog Treat Box

The curious, intelligent dog should find the Tap-and-Flip Dog Treat Maze very interesting. It looks much like a frisbee, but it dispenses a delicious dog treat if your dog flips it over in the right way.

When it’s time for a few more energetic games, a great Christmas themed dog toy is the brand-new, festive rope train. The rope has a chunky, but soft, train engine and two carriages along its length. They should provide the curious dog with lots of stimulating play as they fall in different ways.

This exciting Christmas dog treat box includes a variety of tasty dog treats. There is a tennis ball tree decoration and a cute teddy that looks like a baked gingerbread complete with festive icing. To add even more flavours, there’s a pack of delicious Santa Paws natural dog treats.

A Christmas box containing various dog toys and treats.
Postman Pooch Santa’s Workshop Christmas Box

4. Dog Christmas Gift for the Pampered Dog

Traditionally, quiet lap dogs have always liked snuggling up to their owners all day. Think of a cute and cuddly Chihuahua. These dainty pooches are very rarely found far from their owners. They even love sharing your own pampering sessions in the bathroom. An ideal dog Christmas gift is:

The Winter Wonderland Christmas Dog Treat Box

This imaginative collection contains Postman Pooch themed dog gifts that are perfect for the more refined of our canine friends. Every well-groomed pooch will adore the Smelly Nelly Winter Wonderland Deodorising and Coat Conditioning Spritzer. It’s just right for helping your beloved doggy look its best during the festive season.

But for some exciting rough and tumble action, we’ve added two ultra-soft, plush festive dog toys. There’s one of Santa’s very own reindeers and a Christmas mouse wearing his best blue socks.

When it’s time to relax on the sofa together, you can make your cuddly dog even more content with some tasty dog treats. Your pooch will enjoy the delicate, iced snowflake biscuit. The Chomping Dog Chew with turkey and cranberry flavouring is sure to be appreciated.

A Christmas box containing various dog toys and treats.
Postman Pooch Winter Wonderland Christmas Box

5. Dog Christmas Gift for the Fun-Loving Dog

Which dog doesn’t love fun? But this category is for the boisterous, friendly dog who wants non-stop entertainment. Spaniels and Jack Russels are always actively looking for a doggy laugh or two. The best ever dog Christmas present is sure to be:

The Postman Pooch Christmas Party Dog Treat Box

Our Christmas themed dog toy is an amazing gift in itself. It’s a sturdy, tug-of-war dog toy that’s shaped like a champagne bottle. It’s ideal for lots of fun-packed tussles with your pooch.

The large, Merry Woofmas Christmas Cake dog toy is lovely and soft. It’s designed not to roll too far out of reach, making it easy for fun-loving dogs of any size or age to chase and grip securely. It’s sure to become a firm favourite at playtime.

The party-themed festive dog treats include a Christmas jumper biscuit treat and a set of three delicious, miniature Christmas pudding dog treats decorated with bones. And no doggy Christmas party would be complete without the tempting cheddar cheese flavour of the brand-new Cheesy Pupcorn Christmas dog treat.

A Christmas box containing various dog toys and treats.
Postman Pooch Christmas Party Dog Treat Box


This year’s Postman Pooch dog Christmas gift range is one of our best ever. We’ve teamed the gifts to match your doggy chum. However, you’re the best judge of what your dog really wants Santa to bring for Christmas. Choose any Postman Pooch Chrismas dog treat box and your beloved dog’s sure to have an amazing Christmas Day!