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Dog Subscription Boxes: The Whole Package

Here at Postman Pooch, we love making tails wag with our Monthly Dog Subscription Boxes. “What is a Dog Subscription Box?” I hear you think to yourself, well let me tell you. Our monthly subscription service is an exciting monthly adventure served to your dog by us! Each month, a box containing new treats & toys for your dog to enjoy is delivered (for free!) direct to your doorstep.

Why Buy Dog Subscription Boxes?

We all love to treat our pups, right? Still, you may be wondering why YOU should buy a subscription plan. There are a number of different reasons for dog lovers to buy their pooch a dog subscription box:

The Treats & Toys, themselves!

Every box contains at least 2 toys and 3 treats that are paw-picked by our experts. Not only this, but each month we send different toys & treats so no two months will be the same! We pride ourselves on selecting the coolest, quirkiest and eco-conscious products around for our boxes so that your dog is the trendiest, healthiest pooch in town!

Fun Themes!

We’re also very partial to fun themes for our boxes. Halloween themed treats and toys in our October box! And of course, our December box will be Christmas themed, so be sure you don’t miss out on the festive goodies!

They’re GOOD Value for Money!

Sure, it might sound like a bit of money, when signing up for a subscription plan. But when you consider that the average pet owner spends £1,252 on their pet each year, it’s more than feasible, right? With a subscription plan, you are receiving top-quality treats and toys, and having them delivered right to your door, for a cheaper price than purchasing them individually. The value for money speaks for itself!

Finding New Treats and Toys!

We spend a lot of time researching new and interesting treats and toys from great companies that you otherwise would never get to try! With a variety of new products every month, you’re likely to find new treats & toys that your pup LOVES that you wouldn’t know about if not for our monthly boxes.

A Chance to Give Back

Here at Postman Pooch, our motto is “Sell Essentials, DO the Essentials“. This is why 10% of our profits go to UK based dog charities. This means that a portion of the money you are paying goes directly to helping many dogs around the country who need our help. By buying a monthly subscription, we are all frequently doing our bit to return the unconditional love that dogs give to us – we all know they deserve it!

Why Postman Pooch?

Granted, we aren’t the only provider of Monthly Dog Subscriptions. However, at the time of setting up Postman Pooch, we found that other companies who provide Monthly Subscriptions weren’t putting much thought into their boxes. Rather, they were choosing products because they simply looked ‘cool’, overlooking more practical concerns and health benefits.

We wanted to set out and offer only the highest quality, paw-picked, dog-tested products for our pupstomers. Further to this, we wanted to ensure that we offer treats that are healthy for dogs, and benefit their growth – like dental treats, for example!

When we aren’t sending out Birthday and Treat boxes, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that we get the best products in our subscription boxes! We spend the preceding months researching various products, ensuring that they are fun, durable enough and healthy for your pup!

The Future of Dog Subscription Boxes…

I mentioned earlier, that our Dog Subscription Boxes are an adventure for your pup. Well, the adventure sure hasn’t stopped or slowed! We want to ensure that we keep providing the best service, treats and toys to our pawesome pupstomers. Going into the New Year, this is how we want to achieve this:

So what are you waiting for? Go check out our Monthly Dog Subscription Boxes and treat your pooch today!