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Dog Gadgets for 2022

Dog Gadgets

Now the New Year fireworks have finally ebbed away, you and your beloved dog are sure to be wondering what amazing canine dog gadgets are heading your way in 2022. The doggy boffins at Postman Pooch have done their research on new dog tech, and we can reassure you there are exciting times ahead.

One of the most significant trends in the pet industry has been the increase in dogs becoming pets in the UK. According to Statista.com, the percentage for dog ownership stayed at approximately 45% for an entire decade before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. During 2020 to 2021, new doggy guardians increased the number to 59%, which accounts for a UK dog population of at least 12.5 million. The dog industry has responded accordingly, introducing an amazing array of new tech dog gadgets, toys, treats and services to keep canine pets and their owners contented throughout 2022. Here’s what to expect if it hasn’t already arrived to the market.

Smart Dog Collars and Harnesses

Every dog loves to wear a snazzy hand-made bow tie, comfortable collar or a harness that hugs, but now you can include Smart dog technology. Innovative sensors monitor your dog’s actions to give you an idea of his fitness level using the latest tech. You simply attach a small tracker to his collar or harness during the day and it will check how active he is, how’s that for dog gadgets?! Interestingly, the device can also be placed in your dog’s bed to determine how long he sleeps.

The system checks for heart beat regularity, pulse rate and breathing efficiency. Once analysed, the data is then transmitted through Bluetooth to your Smartphone. It helps you discover whether your dog’s fun and games need to be increased to improve his general fitness level.

Dog GPS Tracker

Even the most reliable dogs and their owners can sometimes be accidentally parted when out on a ramble. If you’ve experienced losing track of your dog for a day or two, you’ll know what a nightmare it can be until he’s found safe and well. However, invest in a canine GPS tracker and this dog gadget will always be able to find him quickly. The tracker must be securely attached to the collar or harness. Features to look for include a casing that’s waterproof and shatterpoof. Range coverage can often be unlimited.

When activated, the tracker uses a worldwide Global Positioning System (GPS) of multiple satellites orbiting the earth to monitor your dog’s precise location. The live results are beamed to your Smartphone every two seconds. It provides geographic coordinates with an accuracy range of up to seven metres, helping you home in on your dog’s location.

CCTV Surveillance

Leaving your dog home alone can be a worry, but with a web cam you can keep an eye on him wherever you are. You can install a static model that relays images with a focus of up to twenty metres or more and captures a brief look at him when he’s in view. Some cameras have motion sensors with a similar range, but they track your dog’s movements. It means that as he walks from one side of the room to another, the camera follows him and you’ll see exactly what he’s getting up to.

Special features include a two-way chat facility that enables you to say hello or issue commands. Your dog can bark his responses although he might be perplexed as to why he can’t see where you are. There’s also a miniaturised camera you simply clip to your dog’s collar. A great dog gadget to let you see where he’s going when he’s wandering through different rooms or areas of the garden.

Doggy Minds Matter

Mind matters are very much in the news for people, and why not for dogs? They suffer a range of emotions depending on their surroundings or circumstances exactly like we do. A handy dog gadget filled with Artificial Intelligence has the capability of sensing your dog’s emotional state. It attaches to the collar or can be worn like a mini backpack. The inner technology then uses a complex array of algorithms to make sense of what your dog’s behaviour suggests his mood might be.

It analyses a variety of factors such as, pulse, heart beat and temperature. A system of LED lights then correspond to the results, flashing blue for laid-back through to red for agitated. It can even detect when your dog might be depressed. You then know how to react to the warning lights to calm your dog’s temper, or cheer him up and return him to his usual happy personality.

Dog Gadgets for Assistance

Dogs are so clever they can be trained for almost anything, including helping their owners. Assistance dogs can look forward to using technological coats fitted with talkative buttons. These correspond to situations such as an object blocking the way or someone waiting at the front door. Your dog reaches for the right button on his coat and it speaks a warning out loud or sends an alert to your smartphone. There are even plans for dogs to connect in this way to emergency services if the need should arise.

Doggy Doorbell

Technology can allow your dog to ‘speak’ to you. Most dogs pester you if they want to be let outside into the garden. It’s relatively easy to realise what he wants, but sometimes your pooch can have difficulty letting you know when he’s keen to come back in. Instead of leaving him barking, train him to use a touch button doorbell that sends his plea to your Smartphone.

Smart geo-fencing Dog Gadgets

Much as you lecture your pooch about where he can and can’t go, does he actually take any notice? A Smart geo-fencing system can work wonders in reminding him that he can’t leave the garden or jump on your comfy new sofa when you’re not looking. Through technology, you can supervise your rascally canine even when you’re not at home.

Attach a sensor to his collar, then fix receptive markers to the places that determine your dog’s boundaries. These can include certain rooms or items of furniture. If your dog attempts to go beyond his limit, the sensor issues a small electrical charge that makes him do as he’s told. Any dog gadgets like this should be from an authorised organisation that can positively reassure you that the reprimand is humane and won’t harm your dog.

Playtime Fun Gadgets for Dog

Smart toys are bound to become more noticeable during 2022. They use hidden sensors that allow you to control them via your Smartphone. A typical toy might be a ball launcher. You can pre-program it to different skill levels and the regularity of throws. An alternative boredom breaker is a touch screen tablet that illuminates in a variety of colours. Your dog can tap the screen with his paw and have endless fun matching colour sequences.

Smart toys are a great idea if you’re at work. You can still entertain your dog during the lunch hour without returning home. However, the temptation is there to substitute personal involvement when you are at home, but busy with a chore or watching the Cup Final on TV. At Postman Pooch, we always advocate interacting with our doggy chums as much as possible whether it through dog gadgets or real life play. It’s the reason why they adore their dog parents so much!

Television for Dogs

At least one out of six dogs suffers from a condition known as separation anxiety when suddenly left alone for long spells. Some dogs feel more at ease if they have some background music. Dog parents often leave a radio on low volume, but now your pooch can go one stage further and watch his own television channel. The on screen colours have been specially formulated to suit your dog’s vision. There’s a whole range of entertaining programmes featuring other dogs playing, chefs whipping up tasty doggy dinners and goodness knows what else. However, remember to let him lounge on a comfy chair to make sure he enjoys his viewing.

New Trends in Dog Nutrition

According to another latest trend, every dog is going to adore dinner time even more than usual. Dog guardians are becoming increasingly aware of what their dogs’ food may contain and what it might taste like. Wholesome, organic ingredients are being preferred, resulting in premium quality connoisseur meals. Foods without GMO ingredients or grain fillers are definitely on the menu along with a greater emphasis on natural flavours and colouring. A main objective is for dog’ dinners to keep them bounding with health.

Amazingly, around 17% of devoted dog parents admit to cooking up scrumptious home-made dinners for their four-legged friends. It’s a surprising new trend the pet industry is already planning for, so we could soon be seeing tasty dog dinner kits on the shelves sometime in 2022. The pet industry is also researching how to make more of meat-free proteins such as insects. Dog dinners made entirely with plant proteins are also being favoured by vegetarian or vegan dog parents.

Wellness for Dogs

A personal wellness strategy is another human trend that is spilling over into our dogs’ lives. The use of supplements for a range of issues from halitosis to arthritis are predicted to become even more popular. Some dog parents are already searching for special treats such as, doggy chews and biscuits, that include ingredients classed as superfoods. These could be spinach, blueberries, anchovies and carrots.

There’s a current trend developing for customised health products that suit dogs as individuals and not en masse. Through choosing specific supplements and treats, dog guardians are striving to provide their furry companions with the best lifestyle available. There are even opportunities to ensure any flea treatments or medications are precisely tailored to suit your dog’s preferred tastes. For instance, if your dog adores chicken, a medicine can be disguised with the right flavouring to make it easy for him to take without any resistance.

Customised Dog Products

Pet parents are increasingly viewing their dogs as fully fledged members of the family with the right to enjoy the best of healthy lifestyles. This trend has been gathering strength for a while and is set to continue through 2022. It can refer to the type of meals you choose for your dog, pampering shampoos and a selection of toys. There’s been a significant increase in dog owners ordering subscription boxes full of the latest squeaky toys and tasty dog treats.

Customised boxes are delivered every month to provide your dog with contents you know he’ll adore. Dogs are clever enough to recognise their customised parcels and look forward to receiving them. No one knows your dog’s behaviour, habits and preferences as well as you. Themed boxes for birthdays, summer holidays, Halloween and Christmas are more popular than ever.

Your Dog is Unique Trend

“And dog has will have his day” wrote Shakespeare centuries ago in the closing scenes of Hamlet. Taking note of the exciting trends for 2022, it seems our well-cared for dogs are already having the time of their lives. Great play time fun with traditional toys and newfangled dog gadgets such as automated ball launchers are keeping them amused all day. If they have any spare moments they can watch doggy TV programmes and demand instant service by activating their own doorbell.

The latest trend for more people than ever to decide their own lives feel more fulfilled when shared with a dog, has led to highly personalised products. Customised boxes packed with well-made toys in unusual designs and tasty treats brimming with healthy ingredients are often top of the shopping list. Postman Pooch boxes remind us about the genuine companionship that exists between dogs and their guardians. Sharing quality time together is something that even the latest Smart trends can’t ever replace.