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Do dogs get sad? How to tell and what to do

Do dogs get sad? How to tell what to do

We know the main reason you are here. You’re wondering if your dog ever gets sad. We want you to imagine what it’s like to be a dog for a second. Your life would be filled with repetition. Imagine being fed with the same food all year round along with probably the same “treats” or going on the same walks day in, day out – that’s if you are even being walked! Or playing with the same boring old toys.

Dogs get unhappy just like humans, they have feelings. They have needs. A dog cannot be satisfied with just a few toys and a small selection of treats. Different dog toys can do different things. There are so many different types to even count but we are covering the main toys a dog needs. This is to ensure your dog has the best mental health possible.

Do dogs get sad? How to tell what to do

Plush toys

Doggie plush toys are soft dog toys that are usually stuffed with soft material such as wool or fluff. They are then covered over with plush, which is where the name comes from! Most plush toys don’t have a lot of wear and tear in comparison with other toys, but don’t let this put you off! They are very customisable and come in many different shapes and sizes. They can also come with other extras such as squeakers, rattlers and can even be scented. You will find them in shapes of animals, bones or treats to attract dogs to want to play with them. They can be taken in 1 of 2 ways; either they’re a cuddle buddy to sleep with at night or the toy gets torn apart, there’s rarely an in-between!

Do dogs get sad? How to tell what to do

Vinyl Toys

Believe it or not, vinyl plastic toys are not related to vinyl record players! It’s a type of plastic which can be used to create dog and other animal toys and treats. Vinyl toys are very hardwearing and durable as it is a hard plastic. This means it can be chewed, thrown, pulled and dropped without worry of damage.

Another great quality of vinyl is the fact that it is a very versatile material so can be made into almost anything in the production stage. Name one thing and we can almost guarantee there will be something similar made of vinyl! Often vinyl toys are paired with squeakers. For some reason dogs go crazy for squeakers! It settles a dog’s natural needs to chew, whilst making a sound that all dogs love. A great fact about vinyl creation is that factory emissions have decreased by 83% in the past 26 years and the production is improving and becoming more sustainable by the day!

Do dogs get sad? How to tell what to do


Get a grip! Literally! Tuggers and rope tuggers are dog toys made from fibres and materials woven and wound together to make a durable pull toy for your pup. The idea behind it is that it’s almost like a mini tug of war between you and your dog. You will grab one end of the toy whilst your dog is trying to pull against you on the other end of the toy.

The great thing about these toys is that they can be a health benefit to your dog. As your dog pulls against the tugger the fibres of the toy get in between your dog’s teeth and it acts like a doggie toothbrush; cleaning their teeth.

Do dogs get sad? How to tell what to do


Just as the name says, a throwable dog toy is a dog toy you can throw. It’s a great because it get you bonding with your dog as it requires you to play with them. As well as being a fun toy to play with, it teaches your dog how to play fetch; which in turn, teaches obedience, patience AND keeps them active.

Do dogs get sad? How to tell what to do

Health benefit toys

Health benefit toys are dog toys specifically made with health benefits. As a dog plays with them, it has some sort of benefit to a dogs health attached to chewing or playing with it! Most health benefit toys come in the form of a chew toy. Chewing or tugging will usually clean teeth or freshen breath.

If you think about it, any toy that gets a dog active or running around could be counted as a health benefit toy; most toys get a dog active. But health benefits are more specifically targeting the parts of a dog aren’t really targeted such as teeth, gums and the immune system. Either type of toy is a great way of improving your dog’s health!