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Best Birthday Presents for Dogs

Birthday Presents for Dogs

As a doting dog parent, the most exciting event in your calendar is your pooch’s birthday! It’s great fun to plan ahead and find your doggy companion the very best birthday presents for dogs. At Postman Pooch, we have the best ever selection of fab birthday gifts for dogs. You’ll almost wish your dog had more than one birthday a year! We have a dog birthday gift to suit every type of canine of any age. We even have a cute accessory or two such as a birthday hat or bandana. So, providing your beloved doggy’s looking the other way, let’s have a quick peek at what we’ve got in store…

Playtime Fun with a KONG® Birthday Balloon Toy

You can’t go wrong if you choose a doggy birthday prezzie that’s designed for imaginative play. Our birthday balloon toy is a versatile play accessory. The balloon itself is made of a colourful plush fabric. It’s soft, squeezy and huggable, just like your own pup. Your dog will love the way it suddenly squeaks when pressed. He can even pick it up by the sturdy attached rope and give it a really good shake. You can join in the fun too as the rope makes it an ideal tug-of-war toy. Remember to let your dog win, it is his birthday after all!

Birthday Balls for Everyday Play

There’s nothing an energetic dog loves more than chasing balls. This great twin pack of Birthday balls should give your dog the freedom to play safely indoors. Each ball is decorated with birthday slogans to keep the spirit of the day in mind, with a soft outer and crinkly inner these are the go-to Birthday gifts perfect for indoor fun.

Cake Party Hat Birthday Gifts for Dogs

Hosting your pup’s doggy birthday party wouldn’t be the same without a party hat. In our best ever canine collection there’s a fun birthday hat that’s shaped exactly like a birthday cake. It’s made of a soft and comfy plush fabric complete with five imitation candles. Your dog’s sure to love looking so amazing on his special day. However, unless he’s worn a hat before, your dog might feel too conspicuous and not enjoy the experience as much as you’d hoped. If so, help your pooch have a wonderful day by keeping the hat for next year.

Vanilla Scented Dog Birthday Cupcake Toy

Doggy buddies with a gentle personality still want to have playtime fun. These soft plush cupcake toys with an internal squeaker are perfect. They are an ideal size for almost any dog. The cupcakes can be chased and rolled round the floor at any time and not just on birthdays. The plush fake icing comes in brown, pink or yellow icing. Each cake also has a delicious aroma of vanilla that’s sure to get your dog in a playful birthday mood, but always supervise to prevent any thought of eating the cake.

Doggie Birthday Cake Toy

A smaller version of the House of Paws birthday cake toy. It’s quite lifelike with scalloped icing, soft candles and ‘Happy Birthday’ written on the top. You and your pooch will love playing fetch with this beautifully soft cake that lets out a squeak when gripped. When you’re both happily exhausted, your dog can enjoy relaxing with the cake as a pillow.

Edible Birthday Presents for Dogs

What could be a better dog birthday present than a cake your pooch can actually eat? At Postman Pooch we’ve excelled ourselves by assembling the best ever selection of cakes for a doggie birthday treat. Each one comes with a greetings card that’s written by hand, a candle to mark the event and an icing pen you can use to write out your lovely dog’s name. You can even add a photograph if there are at least ten days before the big event.

It’s the range of cakes you’ll find amazing. You can choose a regular round cake, a star or a heart. There are delicious toppings of yogurt in different colours such as blue, pink or cream. For an extra special dog birthday gift, try out the cakes with a delicious carob topping. It’s a safe chocolate your dog is sure to adore. Some cakes have crunchy bone-shaped biscuits around the edge and there are plenty of doggy birthday ribbons to decorate.

Alternatively, choose the Barking Bakery Iced Woofin cupcakes. The lightweight sponge cakes have a smooth yogurt topping with a bone-shaped biscuit. The best present for dogs who love to grind their teeth on biscuits is the Crunchy Birthday Cake. It’s a scrumptious treat complete with a cartoon dog decoration.

A Stylish Bandana as a Dog Birthday Gift

The celebration Dog Birthday bandana in our Postman Pooch store makes an ideal dog birthday present. Some dogs might find it more comfortable to wear than a party hat, but it’s still a special dog birthday gift. It has ‘Woof, Woof’ in multi-coloured lettering and also proclaims ‘It’s my Birthday!’ It’s the type of doggie birthday gift that’s sure to bring lots of extra hugs.

The Best Presents for Dogs are in our Boxes

Our Postman Pooch Dog Birthday Boxes are what every dog must secretly wish for. They are packed with amazing treats, toys and novelties. You can choose one of our pre-selected boxes such as the Soft Toy Dog Birthday Box. It’s filled with special toys including a soft crocodile and knitted monkey that are great fun to pull around or snuggle up to in bed.

‘Vive la difference!’ We’ve got Dog Birthday Boxes for boisterous boy dogs and hand-picked toys for the cutest girl dogs. Your birthday boy pooch can enjoy a bottle of dog beer, wrestle with Harry the Hedgehog and wear off surplus energy chasing a Space Lobber toy. For the birthday girl in your life, there’s a cute pink pig that’s ready for some active games and cuddles, a refined Pawsecco dog wine and a bag of delightful chicken treats.

Birthday Presents for do

Our specially designed Birthday Boxes for Dogs include some extra robust toys for dogs who love to test their strength. They’ll adore Wild Boar Strips that take some time to chew. We’ve also included tough rubber toys shaped like buffalo horns and rugby balls that should last longer than standard rubberised toys.

One of the best presents for dogs is our Personalised Birthday Gift Box. You can choose from a long list of individual gifts, tailoring them to suit your dog’s personality. It’s an effective way of ensuring your beloved pooch has an amazing birthday. Select gifts we’ve already mentioned or additional presents such as meaty sausages, Cheesy Pupcorn, a tough dumbbell and peanut butter for pups. Whichever beautifully decorated box you choose, we’ll add a card and a delicious doggie birthday cake.

Postman Pooch Birthday Gifts for Dogs

When it’s your canine friend’s special anniversary, Postman Pooch has the best Birthday Presents for Dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our amazing range of doggie birthday gifts are fun to play with, great for snuggling up to, and deliciously tasty to eat and drink. Postman Pooch birthday gifts for dogs are delivered directly to your door. Order your dog birthday present now and make sure your favourite pooch’s big day is one to remember.