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Are You Ready For a Dog?

The big question on everyone’s mind when getting their first dog, am I ready for a dog? This article should help you on your road to whether you’re ready for your first canine companion. Answer each question below honestly with either a or b.

1. Are you financially prepared for the additional expenses that a new dog will bring? Food, training, medical bills, toys etc. can be expensive.

2. Dogs require dedicated time for regular exercise and training, does your working week allow for this?

3. Has there been or do you expect any major changes in your home/family life? For example moving house, having a baby, getting a new job.

4. Have you recently lost a pet?

5. Do you care for anybody or have any major health concerns?

6. Are the rest of the family on board? Have you discussed getting a new dog with them?

7. Do you have any other pets?

8. Do you have enough space in your home for a dog?

9. Are you prepared for the additional housework that a dog will bring? Cleaning up mud, vomit and worse.

10. Are you prepared to accept that furniture and property might be damaged up until your dog is trained?

Analysing Your Dog Quiz Answers – Are You Ready For a Dog?

That’s all the questions, so how did you do?

Are most of your answers ‘A’? Good news! It looks like you’re ready for the extra commitment required to welcome home a new dog! You understand that dogs need time and attention and can bring up a few unexpected surprises. A dog will really enrich your life and is sure to be the perfect addition to your family.

If most of your answers have been ‘B’ then its probably not the right time for you. It looks like you have too much going on or aren’t quite in the stable position required to take on this extra responsibility. Don’t worry though, things change, ask yourself the same questioned at a later date and perhaps you will be ready then.

Answers Explained:
1. If your answer was B – Consider that the average cost of owning a dog is around £1,200 per year and this is without any major medical issues. Can you afford this additional cost at the moment?

2. If your answer was B – Dogs need a lot of time and attention, daily exercise, socialising and training are all required. Do you have the time and energy for this alongside your normal working week?

3. If your answer was B – If there are a few changes in the pipeline or that have just occurred its best if you wait until things have settled down first. Dogs bring additional chaos, particularly in the early days so just let your new changes bed in and reassess then.

4. If your answer was B – It’s just worth bearing in mind that a new dog shouldn’t be a replacement pet, it will have its own personality and will be nothing like your last dog. It’s also not a good idea to have a new puppy around while you are experiencing grief.

5. If your answer was B – If you are ill or spending time caring for somebody then do you have the time and energy left over to welcome another dependent?

6. If your answer was B – Remember getting a new dog will have an impact on all the family, it’s really important to get everyone on board before you make a final decision.

7. If your answer was B – This really depends on time and space, if you have both in abundance then it might not be an issue. However, if adding a further pet will put a strain on either then it’s worth reconsidering.

8. If your answer was B – Space is vital and if things are a little cramped already it’s important you should wait until circumstances change and there is plenty of room for a dog to walk around freely.

9. If your answer was B – Until dogs are fully trained there will be a fair amount of mess around. Even once they are trained mud, food, toys etc will be around the house and if they get ill excrement and vomit may need cleaning from the floor. If you aren’t ready for this then its time to reconsider if a dog is right for you.

10. If your answer was B – Dogs can be destructive even when trained, if that’s not something you are prepared to accept then maybe a dog isn’t for you.

Before you decide there are two more questions you should probably ask yourself:

Thanks for taking our quiz and we hope that it’s helped you to make an informed decision. Getting a dog can be one of the best decisions you will ever make but if you aren’t ready then it’s not fair on either you or your dog!