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8 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather

How to stay cool

8 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather because when it comes to the British weather, summer can be unpredictable. We see rain, wind, chilly days and the occasional heatwave during June, July and August. As dog lovers, we know to keep our pets safe and happy no matter what the weather brings. And when the temperature rises, experienced pooch parents have a few clever tricks at the ready. There’s no need to spend a fortune – all the best ideas are free or very low cost. Here are our top tips for keeping your dog cool in hot weather:

Ice-Cold Drink To Keep Your Dog Cool

Give them an ice-cold drink. Fresh drinking water should always be available for your dog, but on hot days, put out an extra-large bowl. Our furry friends lap up more than usual when they get warm, so give them a mixing bowl or washing up bowl full – something that holds a few litres of water. Pop some ice cubes in the bowl to keep the water extra cold and refreshing. You can make monster cubes by freezing yogurt pots full of water – larger blocks of ice take longer to melt.

Kong Dog Ice Lolly

This cooling treat will keep your canine buddy busy on hot days. All you need is a Kong Classic cone-shaped dog toy and some yummy doggy food. Use regular wet dog food, meaty leftovers or doggy peanut butter, Food that is a bit lumpy or too solid can be put through a blender with a little added water. What you are looking for is a texture that you can spoon into the Kong Classic. Fill the cavity right to the top pressing it in firmly. Next, place the Kong in the freezer, it should take a couple of hours to go solid. When it’s ready, offer the doggy popsicle to your pooch – they’ll spend ages licking the tasty, cold filling. Frozen dog treats take longer to finish than usual, and it’s nice and cooling at the same time. This is a great tip if your doggy is getting a little bored.

A Cool Paddling Pool For Your Dog

Set up a paddling pool for pooches. Give your furry friend a shallow pool of water to splash around in – you can even cool your own feet too! Some dogs will lie in it and really enjoy the water, others will only stand in it, but it helps to refresh them either way. Play with them in the pool to show them how much fun it can be. There are special dog pools available that fold up, but you can use a cheap kiddies version too. In fact, you can even turn a large plastic storage box into a makeshift pool – use whatever comes to hand. Place the pool in the shade out of the direct sun for optimum coolness.

Ball in a Bucket

Play ball in a bucket. If you don’t have the space for a pool, or your doggy won’t get in the water, try using a bucket and a ball. Play catch in the shade, but make sure the ball lands in the bucket filled with water. Your dog might enjoy playing with the splashes, and they’ll get a little wet as they retrieve the ball too.

Fishing in a Bucket

Try fishing in a bucket. This works in a similar way to throwing a ball into a bucket of water. Place your pooches soft toys into the water and ask them to fetch. As they fish out their tug rope or fabric bone, they get a little wet at the same time. As an alternative to soaking their beloved toys, try using old tea towels tied in a knot. Make a new game out of it so they have a stimulating play time as they cool down. These are great alternatives to walkies when the days are too hot.

Wet towel cooling mat for Dogs

Provide a wet towel cooling mat. When they get too warm, dogs often look for a cold area of floor to lie on. Offer them the ideal spot by placing a damp towel on the ground in the kitchen, garden or balcony. Make sure you put it down in an area away from the sun, whether that is inside or outside. Don’t forget to re-wet the towel periodically as it dries out.

Dog Fan To Keep Them Cool

Fan your dog cool. We love a fan blowing on us when the weather is hot so why not treat your four-legged companion to the same? Position an electric fan lower down so it’s at their level, and let them lie in front of it. A few doggies might not like the noise, but many feel the breeze and flop down a safe distance away. There are portable fans designed for prams and buggies that are great to use for cooling down dogs. These are rechargeable and can be clipped to table edges or chair backs at the perfect level for pooches. And you can take these cordless fans in the car on warm days, or away on summer holidays wherever you go. They are reasonably quiet too, perfect for nervous animals.

Cool Room For Your Dog

Keep them in the coolest room. Most homes have rooms that are cooler than the rest, usually these are north-facing spaces. Encourage your furry best friend to spend their day in this area. Put their toys, bed and water in this part of the home and draw the curtains if possible. Some dogs want to run around in the garden, even in the heat, but you know what’s best for them. Stop them doing this during the middle of the day to make sure they stay cool and safe.

Dogs struggle to regulate their internal temperature when it gets warm. Unlike us humans, their bodies don’t cool down efficiently. Heat stroke in dogs is dangerous, and can be fatal. The best way to make sure our four-legged pals stay safe in summer is to keep them cool. Don’t walk your pup during the day, it’s best to get up early and take them out before 9am. And don’t think about an evening stroll before 7pm – go even later if you can. Take water and a bowl out with you, and offer it to them regularly while you’re out and about.