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20 ways to celebrate a Dog Birthday in 2020!

20 ways to celebrate your dogs’ birthday in 2020

I’m sure you already know that YOU are the best part of your dogs’ day! Well, you… then followed by tasty treats and toys of course! Your furry friend might not always be at the top of your birthday list but he well and truly should be! That’s why when it comes to preparing for the most memorable day of your dog’s year; we want to help you with the preparation to ensure he has the best day possible. When it comes to a dog birthday it’s just like your birthday, it’s a happy day full of excitement, celebrations with family and friends but most of all DOGGIE GIFTS AND TREATS!

Whether you decide to have a pooch party with your dog and his pals or one to one playtime to celebrate, we have lots of woofly ideas for you and your best friend that will ensure they have the fun-filled birthday he deserves! Here at Postman Pooch, we understand that every dog has his own unique personality so we have come up with a list of 20 fun and easy ideas to make sure their tongue is out, their tail is wagging and their heart is full!

Buy Them A Dog Birthday Box

Dog Birthday Box

What better way is there to wake up on your birthday than to a knock on the door and a box full of goodies being delivered especially for you?! Well just like you, your dog can experience exactly this! Postman Pooch hand pick and pack your box with toys and treats and of course a sprinkle of doggy love.

From a famous dog birthday cupcake (Woofin) and candle to a funky party hat and handwritten birthday card… this is just the beginning of your dogs personalised birthday box! You can then choose from our selection of birthday boxes that start at just £23 and include lots of doggy favourites! From Tough Dog Toys to Soft Teddy Bears, from Dog Treat Boxes to an all Toy Box for Dogs, from Dog Chews to Puppy Treats, to the iconic Dog Beer and Pawsecco … the list goes on!

Host Your Own Dog Party At Home With A Dog Birthday Cake

Dog party with dog cake

Round up your furry friends and get them celebrating in style all you need is a few birthday goodies to organise your special day! You can choose your very own Dog Birthday Cake from Postman Pooch with 5 colour options; each cake includes an icing pen so you can write your own personal message to your dog! You can even decorate your home with birthday banners and include party games such as ‘find the treats’! We know these Dog Birthday Cakes are delicious and you’ll want to eat it all on your own! Don’t leave your furry friends out, cut them a slice, they are great for sharing!

Host Your Own Dog Party At A Bar 

Your dog can dance the night away at a dog-friendly bar or pub, you can hire a space out for your own dog party! Spaces can be reserved by contacting the bar or pub via email before your dog’s birthday. You could even take along your own plush birthday balloons and even create your own dog party bags! 

Pamper Your Dog

Your dog deserves to be made a fuss off on his special day so pamper them with an extra-long walk; a home-cooked meal, presents and extra treats! This could be accompanied by a fresh haircut, nail trimmings and an extra-long bath to prepare them for their birthday!

Bake Your Own Birthday Treats

Mix it up by baking your way to your dog’s heart and bake your own dog-friendly cake or dog treats with an online dog cake recipe or dog treat recipe! If you don’t have all the time in the world to get all the ingredients then don’t worry because we have you covered! We sell Pawbakes Cupcake Baking Kits that come with all the necessary ingredients and even a recipe to follow. All you need is a large mixing bowl and some greaseproof paper! Simply follow the Dog Cake Recipe included within the pack and you’re ready to go!

Play Indoor Games

Turn receiving gifts and toys into a fun game it’s a good way to stimulate your dog’s natural need to play! Not only this, but they get to have fun hunting down their birthday gifts all in one! Hide treats or toys around the house or the garden and let him find them, just like an Easter egg hunt! Our very own Postman Pooch Treatball does the same trick. It’s a super durable rubber ball that’s designed for throw and fetch games and also for the hiding of treats! 

Go Swimming

Most dogs love to swim. It’s a fact. What more there’s something refreshing and heart-warming about seeing your gorgeous pup splashing around having fun in the water! Have a birthday splash at a river or lake or search for a dog friendly pool in your area. A dog walk surrounding a lake is perfect for the occasion! They can cool off after a long walk around the lake by jumping in! Here’s a list of some of our personal favourite dog walking locations with lakes!

Host Your Own Dog Party At The Park

To complete your dog’s very special day, take them to visit a dog-friendly park or even a park dedicated just to dogs. The point of this is to bring your dog to somewhere they’ve never been before! The excitement on their faces will definitely be worth the trip to the park. You can even bring along some of their favourite dog treats and toys in a doggie filled picnic to help make their day even better. 

Dog Movie Night

Have A Movie Night

If you’re not feeling an active day out and you just want a nice night in then putting on your PJ’s and getting comfy on the sofa with your pooch might be your perfect way to celebrate! Cuddle up with your loved one on their birthday, show how much you care! Heck, why not throw in some dog popcorn, crisps and treats and have a movie night?! Just take tips from Ronnie! Our dog popcorn and dog beer is a sure-fire way to treat your dog on their birthday!

Have Afternoon Tea At A Dog Café

If your dog is sociable and well behaved then a luxury afternoon tea for the two of you could be rather delightful! It’s a perfect way to meet and mingle with other friendly dogs! Sandwiches, cakes and drinks will be provided for both of you. Why not go the extra mile, and bring a certain special dog along, you could turn it into a doggy date!

Play Outdoor Birthday Games

Change up your usual walk and head to an open space with room to play. If your dog loves to chase a ball then change it up and play tug of war or try a different shaped ball/toy. Whatever their preference in toys, they’ll love to run around with the loving company, for dogs this can be all they ask for and more!

Have a Dog Birthday Beach Day

Explore a beach nearby; inhale some of that fresh sea air! There’s nothing more exciting than feeling the sand beneath your feet on a warm summers day! You can play in a big open space; you may also include a little paddle. Make sure you take the necessary precautions if going on a hot day! If the sand is too hot for your palm, then it’s more than likely going to be too hot for a paw, so be careful!

Go On A New Adventure

Try exploring a new park or trail. Dogs love their daily walk so make it that extra bit special. All the new exciting smells will make it more memorable for your dog so give it some extra time to sniff around and explore! 

A Special Birthday Massage

Pamper your dog by giving him a massage. This can improve not only their physical and emotional well-being; it’s a great way to get your dog feeling calm and relaxed. It may seem a bit crazy to think but dogs can suffer from the same mental health issues that us humans do. It’s quite common for a dog to get separation anxiety or even depression, treat your dog on their birthday to a special calming massage.

Cute French Bulldog with Dog Bowtie

Dress Your Dog Up In A Dog Bow Tie

You can’t go to a birthday even without getting dressed up! I bet you thought your little pup just couldn’t get any cuter? Did you know you can get dog bow ties and bandanas that will fit directly on a collar? Now your dog can dress up as you can for their big day! Here at Postman Pooch we sell a range of dog bowties and dog bandanas in medium or large to fit your dog on their special day!

One To One Play Date

A simple way to make your dog’s birthday extra fun is to set-up a play date with their best dog friend. A one to one play date with another one of their furry friends is an exciting way to spend their time! Ask yourself honestly, how often you give your dog time with other dogs? It’s healthy for building confidence and a fun activity! Share your dog birthday toys; show them what you’ve got for your birthday! Maybe you can open up your presents together?

Let Your Dog Unwrap A Birthday Present

Wrap up his presents or let him dig into his box- this is a game in itself! We have premade doggie gifts on our site in the form of dog birthday boxes; you can wrap them up for the perfect doggie birthday gift for their special day! Watch how excited they get as you open the box with them; it’s a moment to remember!

Take Your Dog On Holiday

Check yourself and your special friend into a special dog hotel! Forget the kennels- take him where he will get truly pampered. That way you can both enjoy the good life! Dog hotels give your dog that holiday experience! With a team of dog nannies that will care for your dog day and night, it’s the perfect getaway for your dog on their birthday!

Visit A Dog-Friendly Play Centre

Treat your dog to a day out consisting of pure-play fun! Take them to visit a dog play centre on their birthday! It gives them a chance to mingle with other dogs from other areas and let their inner cheetah out and have a runaround! The great thing about play centres is that they are all so different and unique in their own way!

Sign Them Up For A Monthly Dog Subscription Box

If you’re like me and love the idea of spoiling your dog for their birthday, then why not even do it every month? There’s something quite surreal about the look on their face and excitement they get when they get their box at the month. The great thing about signing up for a subscription is your smart little buddy always knows when it’s their box!

Postman Pooch offers a monthly subscription box for dogs of all sizes; make their birthday a monthly occasion! The most popular box is the 5-item plan, which includes treats, toys and accessories suitable for your small to medium-sized dog. If you have a large dog, don’t you worry, we offer large tough toys and treats for dogs that are bigger and need tougher toys to chew through!

The process of ordering each of these products is made extremely easy, each order is personalised with your dog’s name and delivery is even free when you spend £20 or more. You can start your monthly subscription here!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best ways to celebrate your dogs’ birthday in 2020! Whatever the weather, whatever the activity, a dogs birthday cannot be missed. As you can tell by most of the things to do on our list dogs don’t need much to be happy, it doesn’t have to be expensive. As they say, it’s the thought that counts! You wouldn’t miss friends, so why miss the friend that’s always by your side?