The Original Dog Birthday Box (Boys)


The original dog birthday box is a great way to treat your dog this year for their special day! Four treats for your four legged friend (although I’m told they only have two legs, mind blown) and a soft toy, candle, hat and card. It’s a hand packed Doggie Gift that includes a tasty bottle of Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer, a cute bag of Dog Popcorn from The Barking Bakery, a premium Soft Toy in the shape of a choc chip cake from our friends at The House of Paws, an “I Woof U” biscuit and last but certainly not least a Dog Birthday Cupcake/Woofin (with candle), a Personalised Birthday Card and a birthday hat! One box, and a very beautiful box may I add, with everything you need. Delivered to your door, simple.
(Suitable for all Dogs aged 3 months & over)