Rope Ball Tugger Toy – Nuts for Knots

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This heavy duty dog rope toy is perfect for the destructive chewer! We are talking about the dogs that just want to destroy anything!


If your dog is a destructive chewer then this is the toy for you! It can be difficult to find indestructible dog toys but you won’t find much more durable dog toys than this dog rope tugger. This large and durable toy is ideal for tug and throw games! Product comes in three different colours, blue, purple or green.

Furry Facts

This durable rope toy is great for the bigger dog breeds due to it being so large! Certainly one for the tough jaws! The unique design of this dog toy doesn’t just appeal to a dogs natural instinct to chew and play; but it also has health benefits attached to it. The toy helps maintain a dog’s gums. As your dog chews, the fibres on the rope clean their teeth and massage the gums!