The Dog Face Coat

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Our ‘The Dog Face’ gilet will immediately turn your dog into a trendsetter & the envy of the neighbourhood hounds. Both water and wind resistant, this dog puffer gilet will keep your pup cosy when the colder temperatures arrive!

*For Small Dogs And Puppies*


You wouldn’t step out of the house without your coat, so why should your dog? Keep your pup warm and protected when you buy one of our ‘The Dog Face’ coats.

*For small dogs and Puppies only*

Dog Coat Size Guide

Furry Facts

*For small dogs and puppies only*


Five sizes available
Quality zip fastening
Underbelly splash protection
Sleeveless gilet design
Designer inspired look and feel
Lightweight and breathable
100% premium nylon fabric filled with 90% Down and 10% Feather