Barking Bakery Iced Woofin Cupcake

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The Barking Bakery Iced Woofin is a fun cupcake treat that you can give to your dog! It’s great for dog birthdays!

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The Barking Bakery Iced Woofin is a cupcake made with special ingredients for dogs to eat! It is a pet-friendly, light, fluffy sponge treat! It’s topped with yoghurt frosting and decorated with an assortment of dog-themed biscuits. This treat is perfect for dog birthdays, it’s like a small dog cake! All you need is a birthday candle, a birthday hat and a personalised Postman Pooch card then you have yourself a party!


Ingredients include: Cereals, oils & fats, various sugars, milk and milk derivatives, dried egg, a derivative of vegetable origin, carob powder, meat & animal derivatives, minerals and salt.