Mini Chomper Natural Dog Treat Box


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Really good treats and value for money

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Wholesome & Healthy all natural treat box. Contains the following goodies :

  • 6 x Liver gourmet sausages
  • 4 x Rabbit ears with hair
  • 2 x Duck necks
  • 2 x Large gourmet venison sausages
  • 1 x Large paddywack chew
  • 100g Gourmet chicken training treats

In stock


When we go away for the weekend this box is a perfect way to help get our dogs settled. The air dried sausages are their favourite, followed by crunchy pieces of delicious liver jerky. Ideally proportioned for small to medium breeds.

Furry Facts

Not only are these completely natural, the rabbit ears have de-worming properties, the chewing aids in dental hygiene and the Dog Treat Co Pouch can be carried around for reward-based training. Wholesome, Healthy and Tasty.