Large Chomper Natural Dog Treat Box


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Wholesome & Healthy all natural treat box. Contains the following goodies :

  • Buffalo Horn
  • Large Olive Branch
  • Hairy Bull Roll
  • 3 x Paddywack
  • Liver Jerky
  • Turkey Neck
  • Beef Leg
  • Lamb Roll
  • 5 x sausages
  • 2 x chicken feet
  • Pig Ear Pieces


This Premium box of all natural treats is designed for dogs who love to chew. Long lasting products such as the large olive branch and buffalo horn will give days of fun. Chewing is therapeutic for dogs, and also helps maintain their dental health.

Furry Facts

The paddywack contains glucosamine which is amazing for joint care such as arthritis. The Hairy Bully roll will not only offer hours of healthy enrichment but the hair acts as natural de-wormer, gently flushing out the digestive system. Boxes like these are great if your dog is grain intolerant or on a raw diet as it does not contain anything other than meat.