Little Chomper Natural Dog Treat Box


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Wholesome & Healthy all natural treat box. Contains the following goodies :

  • 10 x Sausages
  • 4 x Rabbit ears
  • 4 x Chicken Feet
  • 4 x Paddywack Small
  • 4 x Tripe Sticks
  • 4 x Liver Jerky
  • 100g Pig Ear Pieces
  • 1 x The Dog Treat Co Pouch


The Little Chomper box is designed with small, medium and large breeds in mind. This box has enough yummy natural treats to last the month or if you have multiple dogs a lovely treat for the weekend.

Postman Pooch Dog
Nutrution and Ingredients

Furry Facts

The rabbits ears to aid in de worming, the pig ear pieces to get those chompers chomping and the tripe sticks… because all dogs love these pungent crunchy snacks! Plus lots of other goodies that are 100% natural. Excellent for those on specific diets or raw fed.