All Natural Dog Treat Pouches



The Dog Treat Company’s Natural Dog Treat Pouches are a great low calorie treat for your dog! They are also 100% natural! Suitable for puppies 8 weeks and over!


Coming in 4 unique tasty variations – Run Free, Calm Moments, Take My Dog Breath Away and Fabulous Fur! Each pouch has their own unique benefit for your dog!

Calm Moments: to help calm and soothe your dog, great for dog’s with anxiety and/or separation anxiety.

Fabulous Fur:  to help keep pups fur fabulous, it’s great for maintaining a healthy coat!

Run Free: great for dogs with sensitive tummies!

Take My Dog Breath Away: not only does this assist with the doggy breath but it has a whole host of other benefits too!


Each pouch is made up of Gram Flour, Chicken Liver & Organic Coconut Oil! This makes each pouch wheat free & low in calories with no nasty preservatives!