Hedgerow Dog Bandana

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The hedgerow bandana has a special woodland design, a perfect match for pups that are always outside!


Bandanas are great for protecting your dog in the hot sun or keeping your dog warmer during a cold winter! Pick yourself up a uniquely patterned hedgerow dog bandana! Coming in two quirky colours – Aqua or Cream!

Each bandana is hand crafted from 100% cotton. To save your new bandana from dirt you can wash it in a cold soapy water solution. Please beware if you use a washing machine, the bandana has a chance to fray. Use a washing machine at your own risk.

Please note, the bandanas pictured are for show and are not the Hedgerow Bandanas.
Please check the size guide before buying.

Furry Facts

Bandana size guide – If your dog has particularly thick fur it is advised to go one size bigger

Size Guide Dog Breed
Small W61cm H10cm Small Cavapoo (short fur), Maltese, Jack Russell, etc.
Medium W67cm H14cm Cavapoo, Cockapoo, Spaniel, Boxer (depending on neck width), Cavalier King Charles, Whippet, etc.