Vintage Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed



The dogstooth deluxe is a vintage slumber design, shaded in calm greys, and made from a fully washable deep filled fibre material.


Circular in shape with an easy access deep front opening as well as firm and durable side panels for comfort and warmth. This bed, by danish design, is available in 3 different sizes so that you can ensure the perfect fit for your favourite pooch.

Furry Facts

These dimensions have been taken from the widest point on the outside of the base.

Size Inches Centimetres Suitable for type of dog (approximately guide only)
X-Small 18 45 small toy breeds & puppies
Small 24 61 terriers, miniature schnauzers
Medium 30 76 spaniels, beagles
Large 35 89 golden retrievers, labradors
X-Large 40 101 bernese mountain dog, german shepherd